Caturday Thoughts – We Miss the Sun

PICT0054It seems I am not the only one suffering from the dark and gloomy weather. The cats seem to be missing the sun as well. This neighborhood, having been designed like so many without regard for Feng Shui or the proper consideration of light in a home, gets the sun at a strange angle and even on sunny days the houses don’t get the full benefit. Depending on the time of year some comes through the bedroom window in the morning, so I put the large chair there so someone can sun on the top of the cushion. You can see in this picture of the late, great Tony, hours of cats sitting there have squashed the cushion down into a comfortable rest. With this weather no one wants a window perch. They are all curled up on the futon or in their preferred cat bed. Dolly, most recently at the vet, has actually been snoozing in the carrier, one of Simba’s favorite spots. It’s much more like one of those mid-winter days when we are all looking for the warmest place to curl up and hibernate.

We got a few hours of sun yesterday but that only meant enough time to get the lawn mowed so the next door neighbor will not complain, a drudge job and not the best way to enjoy a sunny day. When I stopped for coffee while shopping in the morning even the young man working as the barista commented the weather over the past few years has been strange. When ordinary people begin thinking and talking in this vein, you know something serious enough to penetrate all the noise and distraction is going on. My friend in Washington state, famous for precipitation, has had four times the sunny days we have had. Today the rain and clouds are back and it is hard to get motivated. When even coffee doesn’t help you know it’s serious, so maybe I’ll do some cooking, I still have veggies to prep from my last shopping. I also got some white wine for preserving some of my root herbs like ginger, galanga, and turmeric so that might be a good motivating project. Let’s face it, good food is probably one of the most motivating forces on the planet. I will have to make do with that until we have skies that look like this again.


Clear Sky By dmedina via


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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5 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – We Miss the Sun

  1. Afzal Moolla says:

    stay snug, on this gloomy day,
    watching the cats at play,
    for i know, as do you,
    they be the ones we know to be always true


  2. I love this post! So many things I can relate too. You know what’s really strange is that over here in Australia we’ve been having really strange weather, at least where I live. It’s winter next week for us but we’ve been getting warm sunny, dry days all Autumn! While it’s great for my tan, I don’t get why it’s been so warm. I have a friend in Alberta Canada and she said they’ve been getting unseasonably cold weather considering its summer next week in your corner of the world! We always, always get a frost before April 26, but not this year! And oh my goodness I always feel pressured to mow my lawn because of the neighbours!! They must so not enjoy living next to me hahaha. By the way is that a Bengal cat in your photo? ☺️


    • angela1313 says:

      Yes it’s my old room mate’s cat. His name is Shinki, it’s Korean , his pweson is a Korean martial arts instructor, perfectly able to keep up with a Bengal.


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