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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ray Bradbury’s childhood encounter with a carnival magician named Mr. Electrico who commanded him to “Live forever!” was perhaps the peak experience in a fascination with carnivals and magicians that he had held for some time. In addition to that … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury Part Two

One of the things I love most about the writing of Ray Bradbury is the descriptive quality of his prose. This visual imagery must be one of the things that attracts artists in other media to his work. If you … Continue reading

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Movies for October – The Work of Val Lewton

Certainly in the run-up to Halloween people start thinking of the spooky movies they want to watch. A lot of people don’t like what are considered horror movies. Many are derivative, repetitive or just plain poor quality. There are some … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts: Darkness Falls

Cats are nocturnal creatures. This is the common belief. Even Fred Flintstone “put the cat out for the night”.  The big cats, the wild ones are in fact mostly nocturnal. Feral domestic cats are usually nocturnal as well. Night is … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th and in October Too!

No No No Not the movie franchise.  No slasher films here. Especially predictable, repetitive ones. Just good, old fashioned superstition and trivia because a month of October flavored posts is really a lot of work and I need a little … Continue reading

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Boris Karloff – A Halloween Icon

It’s not Halloween without costumes and every year you see recreations of the classic monster from the movie Frankenstein. In 1931, Universal chief Carl Laemmle Jr, offered director James Whale his choice of any property the studio owned. He chose … Continue reading

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Autumn Harvest – Treats or Tricks?

By the first of the month the stores have aisle after aisle filled with mass produced sugar concoctions. This is supposed to be about treats but let’s face it, it’s a trick. A holiday that promotes massive overindulgence in sugar … Continue reading

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