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Fall and Winter and The Farmer’s Almanac

A man I was talking to at the dump while we tossed construction debris into the dumpsters said an acquaintance who worked for VDOT, the Virginia highway department were already planning for a lot of cold and snow in January … Continue reading

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Friday Files: When will it cool down? Maybe never.

I kept watching the agonizingly slow process of hurricane Dorian, hoping it would turn north, which it did, Earlier it rained like mad but when the heat hit we had no relief. I am glad I gave up on the … Continue reading

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Friday Files – Goodbye to Skye

I just came home from the vet with my little Skye. The day before yesterday she was hanging around my bedroom being adventurous but yesterday afternoon after Terry the hadyman left I found her laying on the floor behind a … Continue reading

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Greater Heat dà shǔ 大暑 Jul 23rd

In the Chinese calendar the seasons are marked by descriptive solar terms. July 22nd we passed into the period called Great or Greater Heat. Although the actual weather does not always match the decription of the term, even in China, … Continue reading

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I Love My Cats

We have been in a nasty heat wave. Really nasty. I have a clowder of senior cats. While I can run around the house in a T shirt or nothing at all, they can’t just slip out of their fur. … Continue reading

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History and Mystery – Marshal Guarnaccia (Florence)

Among other things I would like to travel this summer. Instead I am doing construction. So why not travel further than my depleted budget would allow and longer than I could leave my wonderful cats via books?   I  decided I … Continue reading

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One practice I love is the creation of May baskets. The old custom was to secretly leave the baskets of flowers and treats on someone’s porch or doorstep early in the morning. My introduction to May baskets came when I … Continue reading

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