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The aftermath of taking a day off for autumn activities was a really busy Monday. I had forgotten how much more energy you have when you spend time taking a day to have fun. I cleaned up the front yard … Continue reading

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A Great Day

I had such a great day. Can’t believe how late it is and I am full of fresh cider and apple cake and delicious beer and good music. By the time I got home the cats were in “FEED US … Continue reading

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A Slight Delay for a Really Good Day

I try to get my posts out in the AM unless we have to visit the vet or sit at the mechanic’s shop. But as we get to the waning side of the year I reflected that my social life … Continue reading

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Autumn Harvest – The Root of Abundance

There is a lot more to the autumn harvest than apples and pumpkins. Root vegetables are coming into their own. As that chill creeps into the air and the ground, they mature. Depending on where you live there are carrots … Continue reading

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International Tiger Day

Originally posted on Vikas Khair Photography:
Tiger drinking water.

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Global Tiger Day is this Saturday, July 29

Originally posted on The Jaguar:
Amur Tiger by S.Brickman. CC BY-SA 2.0 This Saturday, July 29, is Global Tiger Day. Tigers (Panthera tigris) are not doing well. There are only about 3,900 of them left in the wild, and they…

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If We Are What We Eat Are Some People Junk?

Just a few blocks from where I live is an intersection of two main roads at which are clustered several fast food outlets.  Their paring lots are normally packed in the morning and around the traditional meal times. The parking … Continue reading

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