Reasons I Have Summer Blues 2016

sw_grass_and_weeds_sa200519The lawn man disappeared after one mowing. I had purchased a manual mower, hoping to cut down the expense. He wanted twenty dollars an hour more than I can get for tutoring. And of course we have had weeks of rainy days so all weeds are running rampant in both lawn and garden and I am spending an extraordinary amount of time weeding and mowing Top that with the fact rabbits have eaten several of my garden plants and my neighbor said this is the first time in thirty five years she’s seen rabbits in her yard. Reason one I have the summer blues

Since I am spending so much time weeding  and mowing I am behind in everything else, including my schoolwork and the development plan for my business. If I don’t get the business running a profit I  will never escape this place where there are a few retail jobs and a few factory jobs, but even the factory jobs are a minimum half hour away and they won’t hire me, I’m too old. The landlord fusses, the city fusses but there are people whose yards have looked like junkyards the whole time I’ve been here and no one complains apparently, because it never gets cleaned up. When I  needed  to get out of the city and came down here where a friend was living in short order I realized she hated it, her roommate had picked the place to be close to work. Her son helped her move away but the longer I am here the more I understand her hatred.Reason two I have the summer blues.

I want to get out of the entire state of Virginia but house hunting long distance is almost impossible and property management companies and landlords really want the works from prospective tenants but don’t give anything in return. New carpet is NOT an incentive, it usually means a bad floor underneath and carpets harbor mold, dust mites and dirt no matter how you clean. The places that look promising all turn out to be rent to own which is either a scam or so expensive in hidden costs it’s not worth it. Reason three I have the summer blues.

I am not giving up, though. I found a nice storage facility with a resident manager I am actually becoming friends with and have been moving my things bit by bit. I am giving up on the garden except for the few things left the rabbits haven’t eaten. There will be another garden in a better place. I need to focus. There will be a landlord that actually fixes things so I don’t spend hours doing my own maintenance. There will be one who doesn’t think pets have the destructive force of a tornado and ban them. That would be children, but they are protected nu law. Or I will build on my “survivalist” plot of land in an off grid community I bought out west.

Usually I keep my posts on the bright side but I  have had so much go wrong in my life since I came here, I am almost starting to think this house and town are cursed. Several businesses that have been her for years have closed or are closing and many start up only to be gone in a few months. In a town of over 20,000 people there isn’t even a Chamber of Commerce. In an election year you think about your voting choices and I have decided in this case to vote with my feet. My only regret is that the robins who have nested on my porch light for two years now will not have such a good landlord next spring. And to end on a good note I saw two little gaping beaks in the nest yesterday and thankfully they did not seem upset by my lawn mowing. Momma must have been getting dinner. I’d love to get photos but my camera doesn’t have a telephoto lens. Can’t get too close and scare them, so once again I will rely on one of those generous photographers at


Weeds  Johnny Pixel Productions, Inc. –  “Stuart Whitmore” via

Baby Robins ±NDPettit via


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