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Autumn Harvest – Soup on the Menu

Along with the ubiquitous pumpkin, fall brings butternut and acorn squash, sweet potatoes and yams, onions, carrots and other root vegetables. You can certainly enjoy them as side vegetables but as the temperatures drop I start thinking about bringing out … Continue reading

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Movies for October – Kaidanshu on Film

Kaidan are the traditional ghost and horror stories  of the Edo period in Japan. Kaidanshu were originally based on older Buddhist stories of a didactic, educational  nature, although the moral lessons soon gave way to the demand for strange and … Continue reading

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Cider is the October Drink

Unlike Great Britain, where cider is for all time, American people start seeing cider in October. To Americans cider is non-alcoholic, unfiltered apple juice. This is a drink I enjoy in spite of the fact I really dislike commercial bottled … Continue reading

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Modern Halloween – Good or Bad?

When I was a  kid trick out treat was popular. I mostly liked it for  the costumes because I was picky about candy. Back then most costumes were homemade and only accessories like princess crowns were purchased and making the … Continue reading

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Pumpkins Everywhere! What to Do?

The pumpkins are showing up in all the garden centers in spite of many farmers locally telling me it was not a great year. My own vines resembled the Little Shop of Horrors plant, invading the neighbor’s yard spreading out … Continue reading

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Friday Files – A Bag of Bones and Other Joys

When I went to the Farmer’s Market last Saturday I was disappointed Farmer Frank had still not gotten his order in. However, the other farm had some products she thought I might like, so I got some super hot New … Continue reading

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Friday Files – Freezer Joy

Sunday wound up much hotter than predicted, as did most of the week. Nonetheless, I went out that afternoon and got a load from the storage. I had to drop off my payment anyway so it wouldn’t be late, since … Continue reading

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