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Caturday Thoughts – Household Hazards

The last time the cleaner came I had a problem. I went to check the bathroom after she finished and was almost asphyxiated. Cough! Hack! Wheeze!!  Watering eyes and tight chest. It’s true my cheapskate landlord never installed an exhaust … Continue reading

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Farewell Little Simba

Yesterday morning when I woke up Simba was not on the futon. She had gone to the cat fountain and was now hiding at the back of the cabinet. I knew it was time. I brought her back to bed … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Simba’s Last Days

The bitter cold finally broke last Sunday. So did my precious little Simba. She began to look peaky the day after New Year’s day. It seemed like she had a cold. She had gunk around her eyes and nose. But … Continue reading

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A Bit of Busy for the Season

Yesterday was sunny but windy and bitterly cold (at least to me). Last night I finished addressing YJ’s package and hung the stockings. I realized we do not have one for little Charli. I will pick one up Saturday at … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – This Saturday Meet Cloud

Hello, my name is Cloud. My human mother calls me Cloudy Boy a lot. She doesn’t have a lot of nicknames for me like the other cats, unless “You’re so soft!!!” is a nickname. You never know with humans. Milk … Continue reading

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An Eclipse, a Sick Cat, and an Internship

The eclipse was a big deal all over, it seems, and for this I am happy. Maybe some children will get interested in science. Maybe some people will decide to look at more in the natural world and learn to … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Simba’s New Diet

About six months ago the vet did a blood panel on Simba. She had an elevated BUN level. BUN is an acronym for blood urea nitrogen. A BUN test as its name implies, measures amount of urea nitrogen in the blood. … Continue reading

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