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Autumn Mood and Ambient Music

I am a long time fan of the music program Hearts of Space. I first went to California in 1973, the same year it was created by Stephen Hill and  co-produced by Hill and Anna Turner. It was not until I returned … Continue reading

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My Cats Are My Life, They Have Kept Me Going Through All My Troubles

The title of this post might sound like the theme for the crazy cat lady or a melodramatic overstatement but it is simply a statement of fact. The world is a harsh place. Many people are lucky to excape major … Continue reading

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Start of Work – Prime

Back in Cadfael’s day the monks prayed Matins during the night and said Lauds in the darkness of early dawn, then went back to bed. Initially there was no requirement for saying an office again until Terce, the third hour. … Continue reading

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Juggling the Demands of Life

I have always admired jugglers because I have never had the hand eye co-ordination for juggling. One ball or plate is my limit. Still, even a skilled juggler has a limit to how many items can be successfully handled. One ball, … Continue reading

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The Birds Return

The birds disappeared this winter. Seed sat in the feeder uneaten and the cats gave up on checking the view from the front window. But the noisy flock of grackles came back within the past week or so as did … Continue reading

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About Time, Again

Turn forward the clock, play games with time. Surely I cannot catch the the sun’s rays in a brown glass apothecary jar and hide them away in safety in my herb cabinet. Yet to remain synchronous with the outer world I … Continue reading

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