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The Night Watch – Vigils

So my experiment, inspired by the daily routine of the medieval monks and fueled with research on the history of sleep, is supposed to take me to a routine that leaves me awake in the small hours. Rather than try … Continue reading

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History and Mystery: Brother Cadfael

It is no secret I consume mysteries like potato chips (or crisps if you’d rather). This found me working in and frequenting used book stores to keep the cost of the habit within reasonable limits.The habit also taught me to always … Continue reading

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Hot Summer Days and Light Summer Reading

We are finally getting days of heat and humidity, the kind that will have clouds piling up by noon and dark skies by two or three. The wind begins to pick up and you hear the thunder. It means working in … Continue reading

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October Mood – Poems for Halloween

grand Halloween is the current incarnation of a very old holiday. Over the centuries the customs involved have changed.I am not a big fan of the modern version, to be frank. Encouraging children to engage in an orgy of sugar … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts: Rainy Days are for Reading

We are in another rainy spell, at least most of this week and parts of next week. I have a lot of writing to do so that suits me and the cats too. They like it when I’m in all … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Cats Nap and Humans Read About Cats

With autumn promising to come soon it is time to think about getting ready for the winter. This year especially, I will need to seal up the house against the cold, in order to keep Mi Sun comfortable and warm … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Ego is the Enemy

In case anyone missed mention of it in all my writing the fact is Ihave not owned a television since 1989. When I lived in Pennsylvania I was very busy studying for the CPA exam, in Connecticut with helping my … Continue reading

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