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Food for Thought

Being a cheapskate (or thrifty depending on your thought) I have no cable and no television. However, I have internet and internet means I have YouTube. When it’s late and I’m too tired to work but still too awake to … Continue reading

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October Mood – Poems for Halloween

grand Halloween is the current incarnation of a very old holiday. Over the centuries the customs involved have changed.I am not a big fan of the modern version, to be frank. Encouraging children to engage in an orgy of sugar … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Everyone Likes Treats

It seems every once in a while WordPress hiccups and publishes a post ahead of the post date. I try to be careful typing the date into the tiny box and even after double checking it still lhappens. So Caturday … Continue reading

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Years as a corporate accountant robbed me of my health.When at last I recovered it I realized something else equally precious had been lost, my creativity. I used to tell my students if you are creative in accounting eventually you … Continue reading

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Mosby Grey

Sleeping in the sun. A portrait of light and shadow. Too soon comes the long sleep for my grey boy. Was sleeping in the sun his undoing? Seeing into the beyond, With all my heart I hope he is getting … Continue reading

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