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Alchemy – Prima Materia

Prima materia, first matter, the raw material of nature and people as well, is where the work of alchemy begins. In alchemy prima materia or first matter is the ubiquitous starting material required for the magnum opus  and the creation of the … Continue reading

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Alchemy – To Begin the Work

Every effort goes with mistakes as fire goes with smoke. Therefore one should not give up the work that corresponds with ones nature because it is full of defects. Bhagavad-gita 18:48 The Great Work  or Magnum Opus in Latin,  is an alchemical … Continue reading

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Personal Alchemy for a New Year

I was fascinated by alchemy long before Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. While I never believed you could turn lead into gold or really wanted to, I did find the history of the subject fascinating. So many colorful characters, … Continue reading

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