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Caturday Thoughts – Sun Out!

To my amazement the sun was out today and it actually went up to 55F/13C. I didn’t want to leave the windows open while I was at the store and the temperature was not going to go up until afternoon … Continue reading

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History and Mystery – Some Spooky Unsolved Historical Mysteries

Here is something a little different for a Halloween History and Mystery. Even after all this time, people still ask, “Who was Jack the Ripper?” The true identity of this Victorian serial killer continues to elude us 130 years after … Continue reading

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History and Mystery – Inspector Maigret

I actually was late in discovery Inspector Maigret. After my grandmother died there was no one to keep up my French with. I even wound up taking a refresher course at Georgetown University to keep from losing it all. Then … Continue reading

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History and Mystery – Judge Dee

Judge Dee is a semi-fictional character based on the historical figure Di Renjie, a county magistrate and statesman of the Tang court. The character appeared in the 18th-century Chinese detective and gong’an crime novel Di Gong An. After Van Gulik found … Continue reading

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History and Mystery – Giordanus the Finder

I love the combination of history and mysteryand Steven Saylor’s Roma Sub Rosa series gives plenty of both. As in the Brother Cadfael series many of the characters were living people. The detective, Giordanus the Finder, is p urely fictional … Continue reading

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History and Mystery – Sherlock Holmes

One of the most popular and enduring characters in any literature is Sherlock Holmes. The creation of British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle there were many flaws in the writing of his saga but they appeal to the most literate … Continue reading

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History and Mystery: Brother Cadfael

It is no secret I consume mysteries like potato chips (or crisps if you’d rather). This found me working in and frequenting used book stores to keep the cost of the habit within reasonable limits.The habit also taught me to always … Continue reading

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