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Friday Files – The Case of the Disappearing Lawn Men and Other Conundrums

Lawn man number one finally showed up. A family altercation resulting in two deaths was his reason for disappearing. I told him I’d had to get someone else but there was plenty of other work. He works at the Sunday … Continue reading

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Friday Files – A Case of Identity and Other Conundrums

It’s hard to sex tiny kittens. Even veterinarians can have difficulty. When I was given Hansel and Gretl I was told I had a boy and a girl and that’s what it looked like to me. I was told the … Continue reading

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Gremlins Part One

I have mentioned many times in my posts of the troublesomeness of my wonky laptop. When my father, an aeronautical engineer who trained as a pilot in the Navy, began to use computers, a conversation emsued in which it was … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Planning a New Year

It’s already half way through February. It’s been so hectic and crazy I barely gave a passing thought to New year’s resolutions. There was a lot I was hoping to accomplish in 2017. The past year seemed to be sub-par … Continue reading

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