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Caturday Thoughts – Feline Feng Shui Part 1

As I clean up and pack up I am discovering some things. One of them is that I really dislike American house designs. My current dwelling is far from a McMansion, which I despise. The room in square footage is … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Househunting for Cats is Hard

The goal of landlords is to make a profit off a basic human need, that of shelter. They don’t like things that subtract from that profit. Children can be destructive, it’s true. Up until 1968 when the law was changed, … Continue reading

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Problem House

The house I live in has many peculiarities. Some days I thought there was a ghost. Weird noises go with an old house on a concrete block foundation in an area where the ground is shifting. But late at night … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Awakening to the Sound of Birds

Last night was warm enough that I kept the window open. Before sunrise I was gently wakened by the sound of small birds singing. What a beautiful way to wake up. As the light increased so did the volume and … Continue reading

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A Year in Review

This is the time of year people start thinking about what went on over the past twelve months. I think it’s one reason the holiday season causes many to stress out and become depressed. This year I have heard talk … Continue reading

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