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Feng Shui Origins 風水

So many misconceptions arise from poor translations. With feng shui the misconceptions go way past the translation of the Chinese characters. Qi   齊     Feng Shui 風水    Sheng qi  盛奇  Shen  沉   Shen 神 Guo Pu was the well educated … Continue reading

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Feng Shui for an Old House

I am so looking forward to banishing the peeling paint in every room and the dead, dirty off white walls that are the standard rental shade. You can do that in your own house, have color. Cat color vision is … Continue reading

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I Ching

I used to work with the I Ching before I fell into the black hole of corporate overtime. I decided with all the potential changes in the wind, the Book of Changes was the perfect tool to assess and plan. … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang and the Five Phases

Beyond the basic flow of yin and yang  we advance to the concepts of the Five Phases. I prefer the expression Five Phases to the more common apellation of Five Elements. To a western mind the word element connects to … Continue reading

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