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Caturday Thoughts – Black Cats Through History

The African wildcat was probably first tamed in the Fertile Crescent during the first agricultural revolution that started about 10,000 years ago.[2] Small cat bones excavated on Mediterranean islands indicate that cats were introduced around the beginning of the first … Continue reading

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Dashain Festival Oct 5th – Oct 10th

There is something about October. Around the world there are holidays and festivals celebrating the triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness. The Festival of Dashain is celebrated by Nepalese people around the world for just this … Continue reading

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The Fullness of Light – Sext

Sext, or Sixth Hour, is another of the fixed times of prayer of the Divine Office  of almost all the traditional Christian liturgies. It consists mainly of Psalms and is said at noon. Its name comes fromLatin and refers to … Continue reading

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