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Monday Morning Quarterback

I am not a fan of American football but the phrase Monday morning quarterback is a good one. Sometimes it just implies sour grapes but I think if you go over the good and bad of anything with an eye … Continue reading

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The Alchemy of Darkness – Nigredo

In alchemy, nigredo, or blackness, means putrefaction or decomposition. Many alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher’s stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter. Nigredo, or blackness, in the … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts Cats Don’t Suffer from SADness

A depressed mood is common among people in northern latitudes in the winter. It was first described as early as the 6th century by Goth historian Jordanes. In his Getica,  he describes it in reference to the people of Scandza, … Continue reading

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The Cold and the Dark – Part Two

There is frost on the ground every morning now. The north wind blows across the yard and the small birds avoid the unsheltered feeders in my neighbor’s yard and flock to the tall stand of sorghum in my yard that … Continue reading

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