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Apples – Baked, Sauced, Thrown into Dinner and Taken Straight

Apple season starts as early as September and winds up in October, at least here in Virginia. I dutifully went to the orchard at the first part of September but because of another year of excessive heat and humidity the … Continue reading

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Cider is the October Drink

Unlike Great Britain, where cider is for all time, American people start seeing cider in October. To Americans cider is non-alcoholic, unfiltered apple juice. This is a drink I enjoy in spite of the fact I really dislike commercial bottled … Continue reading

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Cider: the October Drink

Cider was the real original American drink. As early as the mid 18th century apple cider was a staple at every family table. A Swedish naturalist Pehr Kalm, noted during his travels in 1749 that nearly every home on Staten Island had … Continue reading

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Apple Season

An entire year will often go by without my eating an apple. I am forever spoiled by the apples of my youth. They were irregular in shape and strong in flavor. The orchards were local and the apples were not … Continue reading

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