Sufficient Unto the Day

Sufficient unto the day is the evil there of. Matthew 6:34

The same words, in Hebrew, are used to express the same thought in the Rabbinic Jewish saying dyya l’tzara b’shaata (דיה לצרה בשעתה), “the suffering of the (present) hour is enough for it”. The original Koine Greek reads ἀρκετὸν τῇ ἡμέρᾳ ἡ κακία αὐτῆς (arketon tē hēmera hē kakia autes). Kakia can also be translated as trouble, labor or misfortune. It is also similar to the Epicurean advice of writers such as Anacreon and Horace, quid sit futurum cras, fuge guaerere (avoid asking what the future will bring).

November 02 2017                                                                                           All Soul’s Day is today. When I was a teenager I found it ironic the church first decided to declare All Saint’s Day on November first. Saints don’t need our prayers and many of them already had their own day anyway. All Soul’s Day is another matter. We really don’t know where the departed are. We’d like to think they are in heaven or hell as is appropriate, but people harbor secrets. As we have seen so much in the news lately, seemly innocuous people turn out to be terrorists, serial killers, or holding someone prisoner for years. So remembering and praying for the dead is not only comforting to the living but may be of some good. I certainly have people to remember, people is saddens me to have lost. I have cats to remember, too. It won’t be a sad day, but it will be a little more solemn than usual,

Regardless, life must go on, too. I am losing my virtual office with Mr. Mohammed. He has taken such good care of me and I am resentful another greedy landlord has raised the rent beyond what he can afford and refused to negotiate. I only have a few weeks to find a replacement and must work on that today. I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post those things that suck up your time. This will be one of them.