A Little Calendar Magic

Close up of calendar pageMaybe 2019 was a great year for you. Entirely too many people I know both well or casually, including myself, had a pretty crummy year. So as part of winding down my year and bidding it goodbye, or more appropriately, good riddance, I did a little trick of calendar magic I learned a long time ago. Now I use electronic calendars for most things, but every years I always get plenty of calendars in the mail or from businesses. I use them as back up and as a kind of shorthand journaling.

One of the reasons we don’t move forward as well as we would like is our unwillingness or inability to release the past. So I pulled out my antique brass brazier and set it up on hot pads on the tile table. I took a calendar and starting with January very carefully burned each page one at a time. During this operation I concentrated on letting go and banishing to the past all the problems, aggravations, pains and negativity of each month. As the last page became ashes I was emotionally free of the troubles of 2019 and ready for a much better 2020.



































About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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1 Response to A Little Calendar Magic

  1. gaiainaction says:

    A great way of consciously releasing the past. Have a brilliant 2020!


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