Monday Morning Quarterback

I am not a fan of American football but the phrase Monday morning quarterback is a good one. Sometimes it just implies sour grapes but I think if you go over the good and bad of anything with an eye to doing better next time Monday morning quarterbacking can be useful. The weather has been dark, raw and rainy. Only this morning have the clouds started to break.

Reflection of tree trunk on rainy surfaceI spent most of Sunday in bed, depressed because 1) my friend adopted out the cat who was supposed to replace Skye and be Milk’s friend to someone else 2) the weather screwed up my plans to take laundry to wash and work on the yard before everything gets frozen 3) the weather is just depressing by itself. 4) after making a point to message the psychologist and ask if the office would be open Friday I went there and everything was locked up. I had said just let me know if you’ll be closed, no need to reply if the regular appointment time is OK. No answer so I went.

Friday was all right. The weather was decent and I got a lot of shopping done, even more than I had hoped, since the psychologist’s was closed. I don’t do Black Friday but after picking up the mail at my box and renewing my rental for the coming years I slipped in to the very small Petsmart next door and got some toys for the cats. Hansel had utterly destroyed all the fishpole toys, even biting through some fairly thick wooden sticks. And I had stepped on  one of their rolling plastic balls and broken it, so I replaced that. Then I got a dozen bagels at Wegmans. There are bagels at the grocery stores in town but they are jusr round bread. Only in Charlottesville or Harrisonburg can I get proper bagels.

I refilled my water jugs at Whole Foods where they have reverse osmosis filter dispensers so you can get water for only 39 cents and use larger jugs instead of paying a fortune for branded water that is no different. You also keep all those individual plastic bottles out of the environment, especially important since they have stopped recycling plastic after the Chinese told them to clean up their own mess. I did some food shopping at Trader Joe’s and bought a couple of wreaths to decorate for Christmas. They always have very nice greens at a decent price. Their hous ebrand of eggnog is good too, so I treated mself to a carton and a couple of boxes of my favorite crackers.

It was getting later in the day by this time so I went to the World Market there to buy some goodies for the vet’s gift basket. The store I usually shop at for this is up near the city but the house is in such chaos and I have so much to do I was not sure I would get up there in time. I paid more but on the other hand I saved time and gas money and I don’t have to worry about missing getting their gift together. It was busy but not frantic and the employees were cheerful and very helpful. My checkout woman even carried bags out to me while I loaded a wine rack I had bought at a dirt cheap Black Friday price. She said on line shopping had made the day much easier for everyone and now they could all actually enjoy it and be festive.

Saturday is when I found out Alder went to someone else.  I was very disappointed. My friend keeps on about being 67 and better not get another dog. I am sure she is applying her view to me as we are the same age. but I do not have four major chronic medical issues. I didn’t grow up in a polluted factory town and I haven’t eaten the standard American diet since I went to Korea in 1974. I can still carry, stack and split firewood for hours at a time, just like my French Canadian great uncles were  doing in their 70’s and 80’s.  One day I was doing this while the paineter was working. He said he plannned to knock off when I did but I kept working on he  wood pile and he had to stop first. The average age at death in my family is late 80’s, early 90’s and that covers a very extended family. All my grandparents came from very large families. My grandmother and her sister lied to be 99.  So in revview I refused to continue to let anyone else’s resigned attitudes depress me or hold me back. I am just going to quarterback a new game plan.

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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2 Responses to Monday Morning Quarterback

  1. Array says:

    I agree with you, the standard American diet leaves much to be desired. As my aunt used to say, “Food is medicine.”


    • angela1313 says:

      I ate stragely even as a kid. Now I eat mostly Asian food and as much organic as I can. I am lucky to be close to the farmers so I see where my food comes from.


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