Change in Plans

Things have been a little hectic. Somehow as I tried to keep up with my goal of a post a day to celebrate my favorite month, several got pushed forward, I had a lot more material and ideas than I knew. Then of course there was the painter trying to work around the on again, off again weather and constantly getting interrupted by oe crisis or another, I’m trying to get a bank loan to finish some of the projects on the house and that requires completing forms, finding paperwork and or emailing or delivering documents to the bank.

I was asked on the weekend if I could take pictures of our cats in PetSmart so we could get them some more exposure. My camera gear is all packed up to keep it safe with the house in disarray. I had planned to do it Sunday. So of course a day and a half searching found only cameras that need batteries or repairs. Monday I ordered an inexpensive camera at Target on line to pick up in the store which is in the same strip as Petsmart. Wait! Of course I had to take it home and charge the battery. By the next morning it still wasn’t charged. It wasn’t charging at all, the little red light was not on, so I took it all back. Thankfully the clerk in electronics knew his stuff and it was just in getting the battery seated properly, which I hadn’t done but you could not tell because it fit in the slot and I could close the door. So back home again to charge the battery and look for a piece of paperwork I couldn’t find. I heard the painter going on like crazy while I searched, then his radio went off and he was gone in a flash. I supposed another crisis.

By the time I gave up the search and the battery was charged it was too late for PetSmart. Another change in plans. I would go in he morning. I had other things to do and I did them. This morning I woke up to a dull, overcast day and decided to check the weather. An enormous front was heading our way. I needed to do some shopping and pick up mail at my box in Charlottesville and did not fancy going over Afton mountain in driving rain or thunderstorms.

The infamous fog is scary enough. There is a good story on it from the local paper at that link. Having encountered some serious fog living in New England and the Santa Cruz mountains, not to mention flying on instruments in clouds, I can say it’s some of the worst I’ve seen. You can get both fog and rain up there and there have been many multi-car collisions, just like on I-5 in the central valley in California, another place known for fog.

So I decided to go to Charlottesville this morning while it wasn’t raining yet. Still, even as I took the road up to the highway, I could see fog forming just past my vet’s office. Nothing like trying to merge into traffic on an interstate with a speed limit of 70 miles per hour  (113kph) when you can barely see headlights on a vehicle a car’s length away. You just know there is some idiot not wanting to slow down coming up that side of the mountain.

Still all went smoothly. I got my shopping done and picked up my mail. The woman at the service congratulated me on getting the roof done, she had heard we were going to have a snowy winter. I brought the shopping home and then finally went and took pictures of the cats, who of course would nor cooperate. It isn’t very spacious behind those PetSmart display cubbies, the lighting is not the best and there are a lot of ways the cats can get out of view. Still the new little camera did the job and I was able to even switch to film mode and get some video clips.

It started sprinkling just as I got in the truck to leave so when I got home I went to the back yard and covered the painter’s toolboxes and spray rig with tarps. I was hungry and made lunch. It was only when I sat down to eat and opened the laptop to update my calendar and task list did I remember I hadn’t changed the dates on all those partial blog posts I pushed to the end of the month. Drat! So sorry about that, I pulled them all to pending. One of these days it will all come together, I promise.

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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