Not the Usual Suspects – More Japanese Horror

First the the capitaine yells at the gendarmes, “Round up the usual suspects! ‘ When it comes to Halloween we know who they are. The older generation of Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster and the Wolfman. Then there are the moderns, Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers and that dreadful doll Chucky. I am rarely interested in endless repetitive series, if it’s more than a trilogy I’m gone. We won’t be covering them here. Neither are the classic figures of black and white movie days in danger of another lineup.

Movie poster of Japanese movie Pyrokinese=isThe novel is about a girl named Junko Aoki , who has the psychokinetic power of pyrokinesis. When she decides to actively use her power, she attracts the attention of the arson division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and a secretive vigilante group that wants to recruit her, pursue her. Chikako Ishizu  a policewoman, is astounded by Junko Aoki’s case as she digs deeper into it.

In the movie version, far less well known than it should be, Junko’s fire-starting talent most frequently manifests itself when she’s angry or upset. To suppress her uncontrollable ability, she takes her mother’s advice to always be careful not to show it. She is secretly in love with her co-worker, Kazuki Tada. One day his sister Yukie is kidnapped and murdered by thugs who produce violent porn videos.

A boy named Kogure is suspected as responsible for a series of murders of coeds. But the police are reluctant to arrest him, because he is a minor. Taking advantage of lack of evidence and enjoying the attention of the media, Kogure arrogantly suggests that he might be the killer. Tada secretly seeks vengeance alone. but then  Junko tells him about her special power and her decision to punish Kogure and his group of thugs.

But all is not as clearcut as it seems. As in the book, the secrtet vigiante book is following her. A memeber,  Koichi Kido can control another person’s mind merely by touching him or her. He tells Junko where Kogure is, in an effort to lure her into the group.  Off she goes and manages to destroy most of the gang but not Kogure. Meanwhile, as in the book, detective Chikako Ishizu and a colleague, Yasuaki M akihara, find that a series of fires have something to do with the murders and start following the clues.

With both the detectives and the vigilante group in pursuit, Junko continues her pursuit of Kogure, not realizing there is more goig on than she realies. This is a compelling movie both as a horror story and a dectective mystery. When my subtitle hating roomate came in while I was watching this she was immediately hooked. Sadly it is hard to get hold of, because I think if it were more available it would be popular. The story is intelligent and the acting good. If you ever get a chance, watch it ad give yourself a treat,



Krosufaia was directed by Shusuke Kaneko, better known for, having directed several films starring a more conventional  monster series about the jet-propelled turtle Gamera.

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