Caturday Thoughts – October Chores, October Pleasures

Long view od pumpkin patch of rpe pumpkins and scarecrowsCaturday Thoughts is late again, but there are two reasons. One, I had to travel up to Maryland over the weekend. It was a long trip and tiring and even though I brought my laptop I had no time to write. Two, the roofers were scheduled for Monday and I had to make sure everything was out of the way and all was ready. They arrived just after seven and I needed to feed a power cords out through the door so they could use their tools. Of course this meant I spent the day nervously guarded the cracked door against sorties by curious cats. I got some house cleaning and filing done but was not going to do anything that would distract me from door watching. Thankfully the crew got done in a day and I handed them their cash this morning. The chore part over, I can say that having a new roof on the house before winter is definitely an October pleasure. Now I can insulate the attic without worrying I may have to remove a ton of soggy insulation at some point. And I had planned to write about October chores and pleasures so here we are.

On my drive up I took a couple of back roads. The country drive wasnice, as I drove by farm stands, pumpkin patches, and treees finally turning red and orange. Apple Festivals, Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, and Haunted Houses are all supposed to be a part of a fun fall. Even though my house renovations have kept me from any of them so far this year , this drive helped. Of course I had to slog through Friday traffic in the towns but the country was nice. I am still hoping for a chance to get to a coupe of these before they all vanish overnight after Halloween. I have enjoyed all of them in the past. When you work hard, you need recreational rewards to balance your life. Still, if I don’t, there are other October pleasures.

I shopped and canned and froze like mad at the first of the month, filling shelves with jars and the freezer with everything from soup to nuts. Getting it all done was a chore but it will provide me with pleasure not only in October but all winter, as I pull the put up ingredients and make soups, stews and other warming meals for cold days.. I also have started pulling out the winter blankets and beds for the cats, and have most of the garden stuff packed up in the attic. Temperatures are starting to drop at night and the garden is mostly put to bed. The rest you get to take when all this is done is another October pleasure.

The cats are much happier in the cooler weather and so am I. Their winter fur has started to come in after a rather annoying period in which the brushing never seemed enough to keep slimy hairballs from being stepped on as I got up in the morning. I much prefer nice, soft new fur to hairballs. I have put up some Halloween decorations in the most inaccessible places I can find. Hansel and Mo, as well as Dusk and even Cloud are excellent climbers so it is always a risky proposition. I wonder if it is a male thing. While Milk likes the top perch of the big cat tree she never climbs anywhere else and the other girls don’t climb at all. Still, decorations for Halloween are a principle October pleasure and worth the risk.

I have not yet got any pumpkins, a pleasure that will not be put off any longer. Too close to Halloween, they tend to disappear from farm stands and garden centers. But they are so cheerful and part of the season I must indulge. The last few tasks to prepare for Halloween are more pleasure than chore. That day and all it’s little pleasures will culminate the chores and pleasures of October.







Young boy walking in corn maze

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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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