Caturday Thoughts: The End of the Season

Empty farmer's market pavilionCaturday Thoughts on Sunday? Yes, it was a very busy week. Sunday morning a tiny , solitary kitten was found out in the open, crying loudly. Later searching discovered four more in a nest under a bush, being very quiet. Repeated trips back to check and the setting of a trap failed to produce any sign of a mom. So I begain Sunday night with five neonatal kittens. Their eyes were open but their ears were stilled curled down. They appeared healthy but were very, very hungry. Two different bottles and four kinds of nipples later I was forced to use a syringe. Only one had a strong sucking instinct. Fortunately I had very tiny medicine syringes left over from Mo’s heart medication.

When you syringe feed you have to be very careful. Even in an adult cat could accidently aspirate the liquied into the lungs. Because they didn’t want to suck a nipple and had trouble eating I had to carefully check each one for possible problems like a cleft palate. But they seemed OK and swallowed perfectly well once they got something. There were no bubbles from the nose, a sign of cleft palate. The y were dropped off at the vet’s office to be fitted in for a check over the following morning and came back with a clean bill of health and an estimated age of four weeks. Even though their little ears were still folded down they were starting to get baby teeth Still, the feeding schedule was more like for two week olds.

They were adorable little things but I was happy to transfer them this morning to a couple who also foster and who have a room in their house specifically set up for litters of kittens.They are getting very active and the vet thinks it’s time to start weaning them. Mother cats have their own system for this, humans are forced to start by putting a liquid mix of formula and baby food into a shallow dish.We started on this the day before yesterday but as is often the case they simply walked through it. These little ones obviously had a tough time, I could see signs their sense of smell was slow developing but this morning three started turning toward the scent of food in the syringe, progress at last. And several have started purring. This morning Pumpkin climbed up under my chin and gave me the loudest little purr. I could never get a better thank you. As grogy from sleep deprivation as I am I am so glad I was there for him and his siblings.

There are four boys and a girl. I gave them fall names. The orange one was naturally Pumpkin. There were two greys, a light and a dark. The vet had sexed them but there was some confusion about which grey was the girl. I thought is was the dark one so I named her Autumn and the light grey is Smoke. The two tabbies are Spice and Spook. You can only ttell them apart at this stage by the tiny amount of cinnamon color on Spice’s face. They’ve only been gone a couple of hours but the house seems quiet without them.

I will be glad to catch up on my sleep, though. And I gave my cats extra rounds of treats for being so patient. Hansel had really been the only one who growled at them and Milk and Dolly obviously rememebered what kittens were but didn’t feel a need to help, thankfully. I can only hope this is the end of the fall kitten season. I wish the cheapskate idiots aound here would spay and neuter.

One season that did end is the Farmer’s Market. Ours ends a month earlier than everywhere else because the city wants the pavilion for events. I have to go halfway across the county after the end of September and as busy as I’ve been I wasn’t sure I’d get the chance. Yesterday I took a day off from the thrift store and cooked and froze three dozen ears of corn, flash froze three quarts of okra, froze dill and cilantro for making sauces, and chopped two huge bunches of green onions. They were about two and a half feet long so I got six small freezer bags full. I eat a lot of Chinese and Korean food. If by some miracle the stores around here have them they are disgustingly expensive. I don’t mind paying that amount to the farmer but not some big storec hain where the executives get paid millions.

Today I have a case of tomatoes to process. Also, someone gave me two tubs of peanut butter and oatmeal cookie dough they bought to help a co-workers ki’s fund raiser. To make freezer room I am baking them. I never bake or get desserts so it’s a special treat. The ingredient list wasn’t that bad and considering the air and water quality I gues a few cookies are the least of my worries.

We are almost into October and the season that isn’t ending is summer. By now fall vegetables should be showing up at the farmer’s market but one vendor is still selllling lettuces. It is still so hot but we have stopped getting the summer thunderstorms and I am having to water. Tony the yard man told me this week though he has not had a call for mowing for two weeks so maybe fall is coming. Still, the freezer is full and I will can the tomotoes and I caught the honey lady both times she came ths year so I can get through the winter without resorting to the commercial stuff. And his year a new vendor had good preserves so I stocked up. As I said I am not a big sweet or dessert person but on a cold winter night I love a snack off tea and toast with a bit of preserves on it while I write.

Time now to enjoy the month of October and get back to blogging they way I used to, the way I enjoy. October is my favorite month and Halloween my favorite holiday.  Thank you for your patience, now you know why Caturday Thoughts is coming on Sunday.

three Jars of preserves stacked

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