Friday Files: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th 0ccurs one to three times a year, when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday. It is famous for being an unlucky day. For me it has always been the opposite, and in fact it was Thursday that rained bad luck. The updates I did on this post disappeared and it posted this morning as it was scheduled  to, but all bolloxed up and mostly empty. Thursday is the day the handyman usually comes to help me with the heavy work or projects easier done with a second pair of hands. When he failed to show I checked for messages and he had a very urgent family medical emergency.

A Friday the 13th occurs during any month that begins on a Sunday. It can occur as many as three times a year, as it will next year. This year it only happens twice, in September and December. The number thirteen is already considered bad; many tall buildings skip thirteen when numbering the floors, especially hotels. Still, aside from the negative connotations of the number 13, and Friday, why is this particular day considered bad juju? Don’t blame Jason, bogie man of the movie named after the day. It was already a problem day long before his time. However, here is no record of the two items being referred to as especially unlucky in conjunction before the 19th century. Maybe they were however. One suggestion for the idea comes from the publication in 1907 of Thomas W. Lawson’s popular novel Friday, the Thirteenth. In the novel, an unscrupulous broker takes advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic on a Friday the 13th. So the author and the broker in the story were familiar with it.

I hope your good luck held out today. My neighbor had a flat tire and had to call a co-worker for a ride, but that’s not too bad. And I was happy with cloud cover and cooler temperatures so I could work on the yard.  The friendly cat visited the coffee shop this morning. At first we thought he was a stray but he never seems to want any food and looks very healthy. So he probably belongs to someone who has not yet been alerted to the dangers of outdoor life for cats. Fortunately there is a large garden and patio area for him to hang out in and hopefully he will stay safe. Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy this alledgedly bad luck day by inducing Wendy the foster kitten to cross my path a few dozen more times. That’s right, she’s a black cat.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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