Caturday Thoughts: The Big Kitten Swap (2nd try)

I don’t know how this post got eaten. I wanted to do a part two and came back to an empty post that published with only a title. Yet I could see a number of revisions. So lets start over.

Seated Santa figurine next to Christmas treeeLate afternoon on Christmas eve I got a call from Nita saying Petsmart called and told her one of the recently spayed kittens was bleeding from her incision.  The vets had all closed early and so was Petsmart. The manager was concerned to leave little Sage unattended since the store would be closed all Christmas day. No room at the inn, so she came to our manger for Christmas. Actually it was a smaller cage so she couldn’t be too active.  She’d stopped bleeding by the time she arrived  and it looked to me like she had scratched and pulled a stitch. She was alert and way too active for a post-op kitty. The first night I think she was worn out and she slept alone in the front bedroom but the next day she started to cry. I wound up putting her cage on a rolling end table and parking it in the hall outside the bedroom door and then moved her to a larger cage, which seemed to help. She came from a colony and was used to other cats. But my cats were not her group so she was torn between wanting cat company and being afraid of strange cats, especially Hansel who ran right up and hissed, of course.

Lit red candles on candelabra next to champagne bottleThankfully this passed after a day or two. But the second night she had me up all night, crying. She wore herself out too. She wound up sleeping all day and well into evening and I was afraid there would be another sleepless night. I moved her into the bedroom, still in her cage of course, and that seemed to make it better. She never really settled down, but who wants to live in a cage? I took her to the vet two days after Christmas and she said to keep watching her until it was healed. She had pulled the knot of the sutures out and the vet was almost certain there was no hernia. So Sage stayed with us through the New Year holiday. I checked her incision every day and the suture knot dropped off and she healed beautifully. So the following Sunday I met Nita at the laundry, where we did our wash together, then came home and put Sage in a carrier and we went to Petsmart to meet Nita and return her to join her siblings.

While we were there a couple brought in two lovely orange bonded kittens they had rescued but did not have room for. We put them in the big cubby and I returned home with the two kittens that had been in that cubby, Storm and Dusk, two little grey brothers. Storm is very aggressive and I am sporting the bandaids to prove it. Dusk is gentle and can be handled but is so shy he spent all his time in hiding. I am charged with socializing them, which will put all that I learned in my geginning and advanced animal training classes to the test. They are in a large soft-sided dog crate on top of the freezer which is sitting in the dining room until the kitchen is finished.

Of course when it rains it pours. One kitten had been brought in from a too many cats type situation and Petsmart reported to Nita the poor little thing’s hind quarters were just raw and sent her a picture to show it. She called the people who brought her in and she was pulled from Petsmart until we got a call saying she was better and her hair was growing back. But she had not been isolated, so she had to be combo tested again. I met the people at Petsmart, nice folks with good intentions who got in over their heads, and brought little Juniper home to the cage in the front room.  I was able to get her in for her test early the next morning and she was negative, thank goodness. But I noticed she was a little congested and that evening she began sneezing. I don’t know if it’s allergies or a cold. Kittens can be prone to URIs (upper respiratory infections). I think today we’ll talk about a vet appointment. She isn’t getting worse. Her eyes are clear and food is going in and the appropriate waste is going out but she’s still sneezing and congested. So far none of my cats have any of those symptoms but Shinki the Bengal used to get sneezing fits like she gets and he proved to have allergies.

Thanks the latest news on the big kitten swap and sorry for the empty post. It’s probably in limbo with all my odd socks and mysteriously vanished emails.



About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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3 Responses to Caturday Thoughts: The Big Kitten Swap (2nd try)

  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    This came through with no text and photos that I can see, Angela1313.


  2. Jacqui Elliott says:

    Happy new year Angela! Unfortunately, no text. Sending love and hugs ❤


  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    Sounds like you had your hands full with Sage and the other kitties.


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