Friday Files – Changes for the New Year

This past year has been a trial in many ways. I plan for next year to be different. In those famous last words, “There are going to be some changes around here!” and they are starting this year. Since I moved away from the city, for that matter since I moved to Virginia, my social life had wasted away to nothing. I was in a frame of mind to change this since the summer, when I finally settled on the house, but I knew repairs and renovations were going to beat up my budget like a WWII pre-invasion bombardment.

Nonetheless, I took the first step and bought a ticket to The Winter’s Tale at the American Shakespeare Center over in Stauton. I was too busy in October and November to fit it in, so my choice was limited. They were doing a production of A Christmas Carol for much of December but the single performance of The Winter’s Tale was on a Saturday night. This meant I could work at the store, go home and change, then go over to Staunton, have dinner and get to the play in a timely manner.

I’ve got to make some other changes in addition to improving my social life. The stress of the last year has taken it’s toll on me and the cats. Health issues are cropping up.  The renovations on the house are expensive and draining on the budget. While pet insurance is a better deal than human insurance, prior conditions are excluded. Insuring seven cats is expensive to begin with so not all the cats are insured. Any complications with Dolly’s old eye injury will not be covered. I need another income source.

I am not going to exhaust myself or work inconvenient hours at a store job at this point in my life. It’s not worth the aggravation for the pay. This is where I’ll have to get creative. As the man at the only temp agency in town told me when I first moved, “We don’t have much call for brain work around here.” A full time job, if they would even consider hiring someone my age, would mean an hour or more commute to Harrisonburg or Charlottesville. So it may be I have to get creative quite literally. I will even have to get creative to figure out what to get creative with. Here’s hoping Shakespeare can inspire me. He’s certainly done it for others.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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