Friday Files – 437 Things to Do by Next Week Part II

Last Friday morning the truck wouldn’t start. I had left the lights on after coming home from the laundry in the snowstorm Sunday. After having the AAA tow truck driver analyze the battery and alternator he decided to see if he could jump start me which he did. I then drove to the Service Rite to have them put in on the charger. About an hour later they called. The AAA guy had said it needed to be on the charger a lot longer, so I drove to my storage to get out some things and hoped that would add more charge. It was fine Saturday but I didn’t go anywhere Sunday and Monday it was dead.

I discovered this after chasing Skye for an hour and a half and finally bring her out in nthe carrier to go to the vet. Fortunately, my neighbor was out and volunteered to run me to the vet. She was in the hospital and her car hadn’t really been run. Also she said she was getting cabin fever being inside, recuperating from lung cancer surgery. I was her 30th day without a cigarette. After We came home I called AAA again. Another man came and told me it needed to be on the charger overnight and slowly charged. But the shop would not leave a battery on the charger overnight with no one around for safety reasons, so we compromised by having it on from around 12:30 to 5:00 when they closed.

So Tuesday morning with fingers crossed I went to start it and it turned over. Then I was finally able to tackle more of the 347 things. I drove up to Manassas and traded in some books from the shop and my house for credit and bought some new ones. Then I drove to Centreville. They have the best Tuesday Morning store there and I bought goodies for the gift basket I take to the vet’s office for Christmas and one of those book shaped fancy boxes. I have one for each of my dear departed cats which contains their favorite toys and other memorabilia. I needed one for Simba.

Then I took several bags of clothing and and a box of shoes from the thrift we had no room for and really couldn’t make money on selling to another thrift. Clock Tower is one of my favorite thrift stores and it’s very popular with the Hispanic community so they were delighted to get the men’s work clothes and a whole box of beautiful little girls fancy shoes, plus all the other clothes. Then I went in and found some more bowls for the cats. Hansel knocked one off the counter and it broke so I decided I should look and was successful.

Ripe red rambutan fruit on the plant

Tu7uh [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

After that I did grocery shopping at Lotte, the Korean grocery. They don’t sell Jerusalem artichokes, bean sprouts, twenty kinds of Asian greens, fish heads, Chinese eggplant and bitter gourd at stores around here. Green onions, if you can find them, are let grow way too long because people only use the bulb and are at least twice the price. I got nice salmon heads and other pieces of fish for the cats they don’t sell. Asians use them for soups and stock but they are wasted in the west. I got some frozen fish for me at much lower prices than the American stores, too. I got fresh rambutan fruit and beautiful Korean chestnuts to roast and filled a whole cooler with organic edamame, read bean steam buns and assorted mandoo and gyoza dumplings. I can make them myself, but it’s very time consuming, so I get the frozen ones.

The farmer’s market sustains me in the summer but in winter I find myself not eating enough vegetables because I don’t like the run of the mill American style vegetables. Nita flagged me in a Facebook post about a recall of typical frozen mixed veggies and I assured her not to worry. I never eat them, I find them unappetizing. I am not a fan of lettuce and don’t really care for salads unless it’s really hot. But I love all kinds of Asian greens. Stir fried, they never get overcooked and I get my fiber and all their goodness.

Tuesday was a long day. I left right at 8:00 according to the credit union clock and didn’t get home until 9:00PM. Then I had to feed the cats and put the groceries away.

Wednesday involved getting some Peet’s coffee for the vet’s gift basket at the Target, grabbing a small bag of dry cat food at the Petsmart because we ran out before the autoship arrived, and doing my regular grocery shopping at Aldi. I also got a few more things for the gift basket too. I was nervous about the truck’s battery holding a charge and since Dolly’s appointment was the next day, to make sure the battery was charged more I drove to my mailbox in Charlottesville and picked up mail. I also stopped in at the Petsmart next door to check on the cat’s for adoption. This little Petsmart has only four cages. Last time I was there there were two short haired cats, an all black and an all white. I thought they would be a beautiful pair. Happily, while not taken together they had both been adopted. Then I drove acroos the shopping center and food shopped at the Wegman’s. I just bought a few small treats for the holidays, but I love shopping there, they have the most amazing food. The sun was setting as I drove back over the mountain. I brought in the mail and shopping and put the food away, fed the cats and did a little housekeeping, then went to bed early. My back was killing me from to much sitting in the truck.

I finished putting together the gift basket Thursday morning so I could take it with me on Dolly’s appointment, saving and extra trip. Thankfully Dolly stayed in the bedroom that morning and I was able to get her in the carrier fairly quickly. No hours of chasing around the house, for which my back was grateful. By the time we got home it was noon. The vet is really close and I had scheduled my six month dental appointment with Dr. Kim for Friday, so I decided to take more donations I had to the hospice organization thrift in Harrisonburg and treat my self to some Thai food at the restaurant in the strip mall there. To my great disappointment, they had closed the store.They  have other stores but all in the north western part of the state. I loved shopping there, the women who worked the store were so nice and it is a service I really believe in. It was convenient to have it where I ate and did other shopping. To go to one of their other shops means a long trip for just one thing. I guess the donations will go into my storage until the summer. There is a store in Front Royal and I could spend a day at the flea market and browsing the antique stores and drop the donations then.

I did get my lunch, and the green mussels in hot basil sauce were delicious. The restaurant was busy and one poor young man was doing it all, taking orders, waiting tables, busing, taking the payments and handing out the takeaway orders. I and the college students next to me gave him extra tip. He did a fantastic job for being the only one there. The rest of the places I go there were still in business, the Mac repair shop, the Korean run sushi place, the Euro Market and the middle eastern bakery. The bakery is under a new management, the man was very nice and is offering kabob lunches, so I’ll have to lunch there next time. I got some fresh bread and smoked fish at the Euro Market and was able to help the clerk figure out the payment machine inspite of the fact she only  spoke Ukranian. My rusty Russian and her tiny bit of English worked. Ukranian is close enough to Russian that although ninety percent of her conversation was not in English I got most of it. Again, I drove home and put away the food and fed the cats. Again my back was aching. It started to rain just after I left and it rained the whole rest of the day, which didn’t help. So I crawled under the blankets on the futon and read, too tired to do housework or bother with the computer.

When this posts hopefully I’ll be driving back up to Fairfax to Dr. Kim. I’m still concerned about the battery. It’s still raining but will be in the fifties. Better rain than snow and fifties over thirties, but it will be dark all the way and that makes driving all the more tiring.


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