Friday Files – Mr Kitty Gets Adopted

My posting schedule is totally discombobulated. There are a number of reasons but one is taking Thursday evening to corral a reluctant Mr. Kitty into the carrier for transport to the adoption center. Since he’d only been to the vet in the carrier I am sure he thought that’s where he was headed again.

A previous adopter had two male cats, good friends. Unfortunately, one became very ill and died and his friend was wandering the house looking for him, very lonely. The man had not wanted to “replace” his lost cat so soon but he didn’t want his remaining cat to be lonely for a feline companion. He likes black cats and saw Mr. Kitty’s photo. so he asked if he could foster Mr. Kitty to see if his other cat would accept him as a friend. Mr Kitty is a very gentle, friendly cat and even my grumpy old Mi Sun let him sleep next to her. He could eat from the same bowl with wild little Hansel and there would be no fighting. I hated to say goodbye to him, but the thought of that lonely boy needing a friend made it easier.

And after being held by the man for his photos for quite some time (he wouldn’t “look this way”) he walked right into the other carrier the man had brought, as though to say, “OK I will go cheer up that other cat.” What a sweet little soul.


Mr. Kitty’s adopter does laundry at the laundry we go to. I got an update this morning. The first night he hid under the bed and there was some hissing exchanged. He is  now called BooBoo (being black and a rare Halloween adoption) and surprised the man by hoping up on the bed to sleep after that first night. The hissing has stopped, the other cat is not crying and searching for his old friend, they are grooming each other and eating out of the same bowl, even though they each have their own. Not only did I get a happy update but I was incentivized to go get all my laundry finished, It looks like we are going to need that extra blanket. There is a freeze warning for tonight so I had to bring in all the plants I bought at clearance Monday and haven’t gotten into the ground yet. Another one of those things wrecking havoc with the posting schedule.


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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