Caturday Thoughts – Longing for Cooler Days

Close ip of Mi Sun's faceFinally we got some rain Friday evening. In late afternoon the wind picked up and the sky got dark. The was thunder for a while and then a steady rain, The plants needed it. It actually cooled things down, too. I think it continued on and off all night and it has been raining fairly steadily this morning. The cats and I needed that. In spite of grooming there has been a hairball epidemic, especially with fluffy Dolly and triple-coated Mi Sun. Mi Sun  should get more exercise too,  but the heat is too much. In summer feral cats sleep all day and my house cats do too, even wild kitten baby Hansel.

Dolly's onon her back o the bench showing her fluffy white tummy

I found this old and slightly over-exposed shot to show you just how fluffy Dolly is. She even has those snowshoe feet with all the long fur between the toes. So she and Mi Sun try to find a shadowed corner and avoid Hansel’s wild cavorting and stay cool. I think they, like I, are hoping the heat will be gone soon.

I did get the 2 x 4 to prop up the sink counter yesterday morning. I also did the grocery shopping, so by the time I got home it was hot. So I put away the groceries and put some ginger beer in the refrigerator to chill.and just got into writing. Thursday I ordered the dishwasher I wanted. It won’t get installed until the plumbing is replaced but I saved a great deal by buying it in the Labor Day sales window, enough to pay for install and the extra plumbing it will need, since this house was never plumbed for a dishwasher. What a relief it will be after all the piecemeal hand washing and drying because of no counter space for even a drying rack. At minimum I have my coffee cup and seven cat bowls to wash each morning. Even a just salad for lunch and a burger for dinner requires more utensils, a bowl, a plate and a pan. The dishwasher will save so much time and time is a commodity very hard to come by.

[Supposed to be a nice picture of apple pie here but WordPress doing the http error thing again. Sigh. Will “try again later”. Why is all this high tech no better than the Magic Eightball?]

So things are inching along.  I am planning to go to my favorite orchard tomorrow. I keep missing the apples I want because in Virginia the ripen in early September. When I first discovered Northern Spy apples it was up in Connecticut where the ripened in October. The best apple pie I ever had was the deep dish one I made from those Connecticut Northern Spys. I haven’t had a decent apple pie in years. I am to have some this year and I found a wonderful posting online about how to prep apples fr pie filling and freeze them so you can pull them out later, pop them into a pie shell and just put them into the oven. Hot apple pie on a gloomy cold January day would be great.



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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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