Friday Files – The Case of the Disappearing Lawn Men and Other Conundrums

Lawn man number one finally showed up. A family altercation resulting in two deaths was his reason for disappearing. I told him I’d had to get someone else but there was plenty of other work. He works at the Sunday flea market and I said I would stop by with a list and he could give a quote. Sunday came and I went over after doing the laundry and the booth had not even been set up. Disappeared again.

Lawn man number two showed up on the day scheduled but so late in the day he only had time to mow. He was also by himself. Previously there had been a partner. I paid him for both jobs, the lawn and clearing the fence of honeysuckle so he could come back at his convenience to finish and I would not have to be home. I can’t spend my days waiting around for people who don’t communicate. A week later the honeysuckle is still there and no word. What gives with people these days?

I want to get better freezer storage containers for my new freezer. I want to dump plastic for a number of reasons. What a slog. A veritable search marathon revealed about ten million sandwich containers and five million water bottles but no larger storage options. Finally, after the hundredth search wording I found a Canadian company that had both the sizes I wanted and also provided the information I needed. For Pete’s sake, why can’t websites and product descriptions tell me if a cold food storage product is for refrigerators,freezers, or both. Maybe in the great white north of Canada chilled and frozen are important distinctions.

Thursday morning I tackled the disaster under the sink. It took three hours to get the one piece facing off the sink cabinet due to further use of five inch nails by whoever put the cabinets together. The clearance was too tight to use the sawzall, I had to use the tiny pry bar to start, then the wrecking bar to slowly pry things apart enough to slip in the hacksaw. The blade is thin but the nut assembly that holds the blades into the saw is much wider, about 3/8″ or just under a centimeter. Just enough to be aggravating. Then happily the bards that made a small compartment between the undersink area and the main cabinet pried out very easily, having been heavily water damaged over time.

Then I could see the the countertop section into which the sinks were dropped was held up on a 2″ x 2″ piece of wood that was nailed to the cabinet wall. I need to get that cabinet out as I can see water damage going back along the waste water lines. I have a whole section of stud that is bad right behind the pipe that is obviously coming from the bathroom at one of their lousy joints. Just as i was planning to run out for the 2 x 4, there was an interruption (mre on that later) so today we are off to get the lumber and start back on more demo.  It seems never ending

To add insult to injury, two weeks ago Thursday the laptop was giving me messages it wasn’t charging. I called the guys who sold me the replacement power cord and reported it died. He looked it up and it was still under warranty. He said they would take care of it. As of this morning, no word. No voice mail, no text, no email. Thankfully I kept the original cord. I replaced it because right at the end of the plug where it goes from a hard piece to normal wire the covering had frayed and broken and I was concerned that without this support and protection the wires would break. Better to replace it before this happened. So I have been using the frayed cord bandaged with electrical tape. In addition to being annoyed with the repair shop I am totally disgusted with Dell. What junk they sell! The new cord died in less than eight months. I just left an annoyed message with the repair guys who are still not answering their phone even though they open at nine. Aaargh!!

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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