Caturday Thoughts – Engineering for Cats and Project Management for Me

Cover photo of Engineering for Cats by Mac DelaneyLast Saturday when I got home from the store there was one of those wonderful envelopes that signifies a book has arrived sitting on the porch. Brand new in every way, this book came out last month. Engineering for Cats. How could I resist such a title and topic?

According to the blurb on his publisher’s website “Mac Delaney addresses the quirks of cat behavior through the mindset of an aerospace engineer (because that’s what he is!)—and gives us 10 projects that solve the most common sources of friction affecting cats and their doting owners.”

The projects range from putting together your own cats fountain, to a wall cat wall shelf, to a revolving puzzle cat treat dispenser. The directions are amazingly clear and specific, including alternatives for tools to be used, in case you don’t have those he recommends, and there are plenty of illustrations. One of these days, when the house is ship shape and the thesis complete I plan to fix up the attic “playroom” with some of these projects. This book is such a fun and practical idea. Some of the projects would be perfect for rescues that have housing for cats but, as is usually the case, not much money for extras. If you love cats, good design, engineering or even just fun go check his neat Tumblr page here.

Usually this post comes out on Saturday morning and today it is much later. This is due to a number of causes, Today began before dark when I got up early to bail out the tub, the  drain of which is clogged again. I then went out and unloaded the truck and brought in the things I got out of my storage. Even in the early morning the humidity left me sticky, which I knew it would. But with the tub drained I could take a shower and wash my hair without worrying about overflowing.

For so long, with where we would be living in question and not having any potential moving help, I gradually filled a storage unit with things from the house. I also figured that if I “won my case” so to speak to renovate the house I would have to empty the rooms, so either way the storage made sense. Now I am schlepping it all back in increments, as I need things.

After showering, it was off to the recycling center and the farmer’s market and then the shop. Then come home and bring in the shopping and put it away, feed the cats and fix my own dinner. Then finish up this post.

It was pushed forward because I finally got back to work on my stalled thesis this week, worked on yard clearance and more kitchen demolition and began putting up farmer’s market produce for the winter.  I also started some special projects I want to do for Kimchee and Catnip. Yes, I am being deliberately vague, but we’re in the idea stage right now, so it’s vague even to me at times.

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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