Friday Files

I usually think of Friday as my “day off”. Today was not, however. I actually spent an hour in the yard working on the overgrowth. A rue plant the lawn man had mowed over is coming back so I cleared away the C reeping Charlie that was trying to smother it and put some mulch around it. This is how we indicate (hopefully) NOT to mow. I attached an extended to the downspot of the gutter to move water away from the foundation. I collected dried trimmings from the bushes into a pile and picked the blackberries that were ripe. While it was neither overpoweringly hot or humid, the sun was intense. I have noticed that over the years the sun has been increasingly intense but until recently people dismissed my observations. Now the weather reports consistently report high UV numbers. The UV wavelength is the one that sunburns you and triggers skin cancer. So an hour was enough until the sun gets low in the sky.

Before that I spent the morning scraping paint, sweeping up paint scrapings and then scraping and sweeping again. When the muscles required for that (mostly forearm muscles)got tired I stated banging the wrecking bark against the volcanic rock drywall, alternating with scraping and prying the rotten bits of the subfloor. It is very slow work and discouraging.

So when the little outside cat Midnight came around to sit on the porch and jerk Charli’s chain, I went out with some crunchies for him. While he crunched his bits and took some sun on the porch I started in on the yard. Eventually he shot off in pursuit of some unseen thing and I continued until I felt me skin getting hot.

I came in and fixed some lunch and then went back to catching up on writing. Hopefully if I section the day into chunks I can eventually catch up and keep up with all off it.The late afternoon is actually the hottest part of the day and even the active Cloud sleeps through most of it.

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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