Caturday Thoughts – We Had a Very Full Day

Closeup of three eggs in wire basketIt turned out to be an even fuller day than I imagined when I posted Caturday Thoughts would be a bit delayed. I had a truck full of things from the storage that I unloaded early before I left for the farmer’s market. I brought it all in and put it in the appropriate room. Then off to stop at the bank for cash and shop at the farmer’s market. Since I bought meat and eggs as well as veggies I then had to go back to the house to put it away. It certainly couldn’t sit in the back of the truck while I worked at the thrift shop.

We were very busy there too. A few weeks back Nita got some proper store shelving at an auction and we finally finished getting it all up in an arrangement that fit the shop. In the afternoon a really nice couple pulled up with a flat trailer filled with donations. They’d had a yard sale and saw our sign. Loving our rescue goal they decided to give us what didn’t sell. It was all really good quality and there were nice kids toys, Christmas decorations, several dozen DVDs of really good movies and a stack of tubs of things we didn’t even get to look at that day.

Straightaway after the shop closed I went home to drop off some cat pictures I had put on layaway and some of the DVDs I bought from the donation. As it had gotten hot and sticky I skipped the hardware stores and only went to get my free-with-coupon first aid kit bag, which turned out to be a cheerful bright green bag which would indeed fit nicely behind the seat of the truck.

Woodstock copper water bell bowl fountainFrom there I went to the anniversary celebration at my friend’s store and hung out with her until she closed. I bought myself a fountain as a housewarming gift and as it happened ten percent of any sales were being donated to the local food bank as part of the celebration, so multiple parties benefited. It’s a lovely fountain with little copper cups that float around and bump stationary copper cups making a chiming sound. You can put tea lights into the cups as well so it will be a nice accessory to quiet, relaxing evenings. I’ll have to put it somewhere where feline curiousity will not cause water damage. I wish the late, great Shinki were still around so I could watch him with it. Bengals actually like to play with water. I don’t expect more from my furry crew than attempts to drink from it and perhaps bat at the floating bells.

By the time I left Sally’s store it had cooled and the humidity had dissipated so I decided to stop at the storage again to get a few more things. While I was doing this the live-on manager came by on her end of day rounds and invited me for a drink on her deck to celebrate getting the house. Then I drove home, stopping by the takeaway sushi. I had been so busy I had forgotten to eat all day!! I had been going so long I was the last order they filled before closing at 10:00PM.

Thank heaven when I dropped off the things from the thrift store I had done a quick fill-up of cat bowls with some crunchies to tide them over. When I got home finally, they got their wet food before I got to eat my sushi. In case you are thinking they are deprived, they all have been offered sushi without soy sauce or wasabi and don’t want it. I’m talking about the kind that sits on top of the rice, not the rolled variety, so I was just offering the fish. No takers. They’d rather have the canned stuff.

Close up of sushi segment, rice on outside

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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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