Caturday Thoughts – Feng Shui of the Bathroom and Other Complications

Bathrooms are problematic in Feng Shui. It’s all those drains, you see, synbolizing draining away not just water and toilet waste but the enegy of whatever life area the bathroom falls in. This was not so much a problem when the toilet was in an outhouse and people bathed in tubs not connected to plumbing. Think of the fellow coming into town in the wild west movies. He heads to the hotel to wash off the trail dust in a tub that looks like an oversizsed wooden bucket. Modern bathrooms break a major rule in having the toilet, even if it is flushable, in the same room where you are supposed to be getting clean. And all those drains together, toilet, tub or shower and sink create a powerful energy of yin water.

Depending on which life area the bathroom falls in, that is where you may find the negative influence. My bathroom is in the southeast. That’s money and abundance. No wonder it’s been a struggle!! Not only that, feng shui is ultimately about qi flow and this closet of a bathroom had neither exhaust fan nor window. Bad feng shui all round. Now the phase of the southeast is wood.  In the creative cycle water nourishes wood, so all this water would seem to be fine in a wood area. But draining water is yin water. The colors for wood are brown and green. These are yin colors, quiet and soothing. If you use these colors you will being adding to the yin energy.

To balance yin you need to add yang. In the destructive cycle metal chops wood, so I have seen a lot of advice to use metal colors of white and grey. I already know this doesn’t work well in my case, with an almost entirely white bathroom and my financial struggles! Beside that, I don’t want to suppress the wood element in it’s natural home, it’s the yin water I want to counteract, so that the wood element is neither overwhelmed nor overstimulated by the water. Feng shui is about balance and harmony. Wood feeds fire and earth dams or absorbs water. A small amount of fire, like some container candles will add yang energy. Or I could use a fire wall color but those colors are a bit much in a tiny room. I could use earth colors. I could also use a green with a lot of grey in it and some grey trim, since metal “collects” water.

Two black and white cats in cat cup

You’ll have to use cunning and stealth to clean that ear!

Now you see why people throw up their hands or just go straight away to a feng shui consultant. And I threw up my hands at trying to load pictures in this post. A persistent http error notice blocked me every time. There is a complicated back door way to fix this but on a Saturday mrning there isn’t enought time. Even this shot of Skye with her mother Milk took four tries to load into the post and I’ve used it before.I’ve had to reschedule a couple of posts in the last week or so because of all tha’s going on, I don’t want to do it again. I’ll add the pictures when I can and my apologies.

This morning is the farmer’s market, then a day at the rescue thrift, then tonight I need to clean Skye’s ear, which will be a challenge with my most skittish former feral cat. We had three vet appointments this week and yesterday I had to see Dr. Kim, my dentist, for a chipped tooth. I have to drive about three hours but I think he’s the best dentist there is. When I was really young we had a great dentist. He belived in saving teeth. If the root was still good he filled it and unlike many friends and relatives I am not missing teeth due to extraction. Now, however, a lifetime of use is taking it’s toll and little cracks are showing up in teeth which are mostly filling. Dr Kim has already had to do two crowns. He does such great work even I can’t tell which are the crowns and ‘ve had no trouble at all.

I stopped on the way home at a couple of garden centers and got replacement catnip plants. Ours died last year. I also bought a replacement rue for the one the lawn man accidentally whacked down. Gardens are getting started late this year. So tomorrow I have several plants to go in, plus a lot of cultivating & weeding. Thankfully, while it got hot yesterday, the weaher has been really good this week You can see fiddling with WordPress will have to wait.



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