Caturday Thoughts Postponed – As I Promised

Tree just visible in thick fogTo quote Ron Weasly, “Bloody Hell!”  ( Don’t know who Ron Weasly is? Where have you been? Harry Potter’s best friend. And if you don’t know who Harry Potter is, well, um, try Googling) Yesterday it was raining all day, cold, damp, sky all battleship grey. Stiill doing more of the same as sunset approached, so I gave up on going to the coders meetup that evening. There are two places in Virginia infamous for nasty, thick fog on the mountain and Afton Mountain is one of them. Check the link to an article about it in the Baltimore Sun if you’re a weather buff or morbidly curious. I hate crossing it at night in foul weather, in spite of the fact, or perhaps brcause of the fact the road is a major interstate. Even my friend from the thrift who has lived here all her life hates crossing the mountain.

Then this morning I woke to a dump of snow. It’s the first day of spring!! Bloody hell! Since I pull shut the drapes when it starts to get dark, to help keep the drafts and cold out, I don’t know when it changed. In gloomy weather it doesn’t seem to help that Daylight Saving time has arrived, dark comes too soon.  So no coders meeting and no going out today, at least. It has stopped snowing by daylight but still overcast. Blecch! The cats are hibernating, Cloud didn’t even wat to chae the laser dot this morning.

A good day to keep my promise to report back on the brewery. So I made some oatmeal and booted up the laptop. The place I went is called Seven Arrows Brewing. It was a very nice St Patrick’s Day. The bar is in a large open room, very basic, no trendy decor or fake pub pretentions. They had colored their lightest brew green, so I had one just for the day. It was indeed light, and I normally like a stronger flavoring, but I could easily imagine drinking it in in really hot weather when thirsty. Then I decided to try their Maelstrom Irish Red. I don’t usually like reds, but it was St. Patrick’s Day and I liked the name. I was pleasantly surprised and  I really liked it. None of the bitter aftertaste I have found in other reds.

I decided it would be a good idea to eat something, since I hadn’t had lunch or breakfast, so I ordered the fish and chips. They have a separate kitchen which is always there, unlike the other breweries around here which either have no food or rotating occasional food trucks. Fish and chips seemed appropriate food for the day, being pub type food. I have never been a fan of corned beef and cabbage and I didn’t see it on the menu anyway. It was really good, nice and crispy on the outside and moist and flaky inside like it’s supposed to be. And the crust was not the least bit bready either.

Fried plaice and chips (French fries) in an open styrofoam box

© Andrew Dunn, [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The funny thing was though, it was served with potato chips. Even in chain fast food places, not the height of international culture by any means, they serve the fish sandwiches and fried fish with French fries. So either the chef or menu creator doesn’t speak English or they are culturally dyslexic. There are a lot of Hispanic people working in kitchens around here but that’s not what I mean. In England what Americans call potato chips are called crisps, which I rather like. Chips in English English are French fries in America. So these folks should either serve French fries with the fish as they do with the burgers, or call the item fish and crisps.

This was commented on by both one of the bar backs and two gentlemen sitting next to me at the bar. These gentlemen also did me a favor. I saw them asking the bartender for something and he returned with two pamplets. Since they were sociable I asked what they were. Craft brewing is booming in this area and they have gotten together to create the Shenendoah Beerwerks Trail. The pamphlet describes the brweries and has a place on the back page where you can get a stamp from each one you visit and mail it in to get a free T shirt. Since it only takes six stamps to fill it and there are many more breweries than that, I’ll fill out more than one. Then I’ll be able to get some new T shirts and toss those past their prime into the rag bag.

Bloody hell!! Just as I finished this and hit the schedule button I looked out the window where Milk had oushed the curtain aside and its snowing again. First day of spring!! Couldn’t prove it by me! More coffee required.

Piled snowbank closeup

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