Caturday Thoughts – Our New Tree!!

Tuxedo cat Milk on cat tree cradle

Milk on the new cat tree.

I’ve wanted to post about our new tree and somehow never got to it. It came hoe with me after Thanksgiving. So did a rare and very nasty bought of sinusitis and bronchitis that laid me up for three weeks.

Steve of Furwood Forest, the creator of these wonderful trees noticed I was under the weather and called to make sure I got home OK and got the tree in without trouble. I had only just started to sneeze and sniffle but he noticed, he’s a really nice person. By the time I recovered I had so many things to catch up on and I wanted to have some kind of Christmas celebration so I was busy, busy, busy. Then Simba got sick. Now sadly, she is gone, the holidays are over and I am caught up with things.

I am am trying to master the Go Pro camera I got so I can send some film of the cats using the tree to Steve for his Facebook page.  I have got a few clips that are decent although unedited I will post for him. I hope to get better. He says people love the trees but only send him pictures of them siting in whatever room they’ve placed them but with no cats in sight. That’s why I though a little film clip will be good. Catching the cats doing something photogenic is not always easy. They often finish what they’re doing before I get to the camera or have it ready. And the lighting in my house is abysmal, so with ineptitude with the Go Pro quite a bit has come out to poorly to use. Now I am committed to this post I will have to work extra hard t get some got shots, either still or film.

Well Marty Scorsese has no worries for sure, but I got to show the cats. Actually I am rather happy I figured out the best way to save the clips off the Go Pro onto my laptop, research the best service to use to transfer them, singn up for a free Vimeo account and get the clips embedded. I have to say Vimeo makes things remarkably easy. Now I just need some better lighting!!

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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