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History and Mystery: Brother Cadfael

It is no secret I consume mysteries like potato chips (or crisps if you’d rather). This found me working in and frequenting used book stores to keep the cost of the habit within reasonable limits.The habit also taught me to always … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – How Far Did We Get?

The month is almost over. My birthday is tomorrow. I put up a website up for Kimchee and Catnip last year and trued to use it for something else beside a blog but it went nowhere. So I removed that … Continue reading

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La Ba Festival Jan 24th

I love the La Ba festival because I love making the La Ba congee (腊八粥 là bā zhōu), or porridge. It has a very long history, like many things in China. In the Han Dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE), people did not … Continue reading

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Historical Traditions of Alchemy

For hundreds of years alchemists toiled in their laboratories to produce a mythical substance known as the philosopher’s stone. The supposedly dense, waxy, red material was said to enable the process that has become synonymous with alchemy—chrysopoeia, the metamorphosis, or transmutation, … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Major Cold dà hán 大寒 Jan 20

Major cold or dàhán in Chinese, daikan in Japanese, 대한 (daehan) in Korean and đại hàn in Vietnamese is the 24th solar term. During Major Cold as the cold currents from the north move southward, the weather becomes continuously cold. Although modern meteorological observation … Continue reading

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Farewell Little Simba

Yesterday morning when I woke up Simba was not on the futon. She had gone to the cat fountain and was now hiding at the back of the cabinet. I knew it was time. I brought her back to bed … Continue reading

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Keeping New Year’s Resolutions – How to do it

After looking at all the kinds of New Year’s resolutions that people make and fail to keep, I thought about why failures happen and what would be helpful to prevent them. I am as guilty of failed resolutions as anyone … Continue reading

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