Mission Accomplished (mostly)

I set out  early today to the storage unit to fetch the Christmas decorations. They were near the front, but still a full storage unit is more akin to a gigantic Rubic’s cube than anything else. Moving things around to get the most efficient pack often means when one goes back for an item, every thing has to be deconstructed and rearranged all over again. There were other things I wanted to get out as well. I did get to my winter boots and a couple of bags of shopping bags I want to take to the thrift. We had a busy day yesterday and hopefully it will stay that way at least until Christmas. The larger shopping bags will come in handy. I also found my big popcorn bowl. The new air popper I got has a very short neck where the popcorn blows out and the stuff sprays all over. But this bowl is a huge heavy plastic affair from a government catered forum my friend attended and brought home leftovers in. I got to one storage tub and found some of the cat’s winter blankets, but not my winter curtains. I have to take my payment over later in the week so there will be another session looking for them and the snow shovel.

We did get our Advent calendar and several boxes of decorations.  So tonight I can cut up and mix up my slips of paper and tuck them into the little boxes.  That will be relaxing after all that lifting and moving things in the storage unit and then unloading everything from the truck. I need to pull out my camera bag and try to get the cameras set up to take some pictures, too. I was really lucky it got warm today. In fact it was so warm while I was working I took off my fleece outer shirt. It all took several hours and I think the nice day was what enabled me to work so long. Some day we will be somewhere where I won’t need to have half my things in storage but for now I’ll spend the evening cuddling with the cats and looking forward to opening FOUR doors in the Advent calendar tomorrow in order to catch up. I even put in some extra slips for the cats, like “Surprise treats”, “New mousy toy”, and “A whole hour playing chase the dot!”.

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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