Caturday Thoughts: Christmas Shopping

We were busy at the rescue thrift today, trying to put up Christmas things that were in the storage from the move. We also sold some; a snowman cookie jar to a lady who had a collection of eighty, a large Santa figure to another lady and lights and ornaments to two a my favorite customers, a young brother and sister from the neighborhood who ride over on their bicycles.

One of the things we unpacked, I just had to snap up myself. It was a handpainted ornament showing a martial artist in a traditional white outfit doing a high kick. I will send it to my old roommate, who is a tae kwon do master. He was the original person of Mi Sun and Simba. He teaches a lot of children and I know it will be fun to hang up in his training center as a decoration.

It  get’s dark earlier now so here was no time after closing to go to the storage, I will go over tomorrow to get holiday decorations, winter curtains and blankets and swap the lawn mower in and the snow shovel out. Among the decorations I’ll pull my Advent wreath. I have already done most all of my shopping. The cats have gotten their present, the new tree. The have no use for official holidays, religious or secular, all their days are much the same. Still, unlike wtth many gifts, it is a complete success, Even Mi Sun, who no longer tries to climb, took a turn lounging on the lowest level.

There are not many people to get presents for any more, I just put together food gift baskets for the mechanics at my shop and all the people at my vet’s office. I finished the last shopping for that when I went up to the city. So tonight I’ll just cuddle with the cats and write and run about like mad tomorrow, getting everything from the storage, bringing it home and figuring how to arrange everything. I’ll mix up the slips for my Advent 20calendar and fill the little boxes. I’ll put together the goodies for my gift baskets and figure out what size baskets I’ll need. Those baskets will be the last of the Christmas shopping.

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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