Caturday Thoughts – This Saturday Meet Milk

Two black and white cats snugglingMy neighbor Virginia at my old apartment complex was a kind person who alerted me to the feral colony around the place. She was concerned about all of them but especially a small black and white kitten she had tamed by holding it to warm it in the cold weather. Her own senior cat was set in her ways and Virginia was convinced introducing a kitten in the household would be unacceptable to Chloe. So to alleviate Virginia’s concerns I began to introduce myself. I had put a large carrier with a blanket over it to provide the ferals with a shelter, the one Dolly had her kittens in. I also put out food.

I had no one to help me try and trap any of the cats at that point, since Virginia was disabled and not fit enough. Virginia was so afraid to get attached she hadn’t named her.I named her Milk for her little white milk mustache. It was spring so of course little Milk wound up having a litter of kittens. She kept moving them from place to place.  One poor little thing got injured somehow, I suspect cruelty by one of the low-life thugs the management liked to rent to. She brought it to me but it was so hurt and so tiny it didn’t have a chance. I held it and kept it warm until it died and then took it out into the woods and buried it by the river. Another kitten simply disappeared. The colony often took refuge in the storm drains and we had a heavy rain and I think she got washed away. At this point I was able to lure Milk and the two remaining kittens into the bedroom that had a door to the patio. So here she is.

Two black and white cats in cat cupHello I’m Milk. The world was a hard and mean place when I was a kitten Why do people abandon animals like they are garbage? I was having so much trouble taking care of my kittens, I had to keep moving them to keep them safe from bad people. When our human mother started making me come into the apartment to get the food, I was very nervous, but also very hungry. After a while I realized it was warm and safe and decided we should stay. There were other cats but we didn’t meet them right away, our room was our territory.

Just when we got used to the other cats, Mom brought home two more. One was a very handsome tuxedo boy. Mom named him Tony and we fell in love. Even after we were both fixed we were together all the time. Mom tried to find homes for my kittens but no luck so they stayed. Tony kind of bullied my boy Cloud but Cloud stuck with the other cat that came with Tony, Mosby the Siamese and that was all right. My other kitten was very shy and feral, no hope to place her, so Skye stayed too. She and Tony and I would all curl up together and Mom would get annoyed she couldn’t get good pictures of us all lumped together like that. It was a good thing Skye stayed because after Tony died I missed him and was really sad and anxious but when I called Skye would come to me.

If you’ve seen those videos of cats “talking” to each other you’ve seen how Skye and I interact. Mom keeps threatening to make a video but somehow it’s never happened. I’m sure if she does she will put it here for you. She thinks we are “adorable” what ever that is. Usually after Mom feeds us in the morning I come for my morning cuddle. I’m not like Cloud, I know better than to head butt the arm with the coffee cup in it. Besides sleeping with Skye my favorite thing is bird watching and laying in the really high cat perch. My most unfavorite thing is when that bad outdoor cat Raven comes under the window like our yard is hers. If Mom would just let me at her! But she says we are civilized indoor only cats and that’s the way it’s staying,

About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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