Autumn Commences lì qiū 立秋 7th Aug

_DSC4997On August 7th according to the Chinese calendar we will pass into the period called Autumn Commences. It will be a while yet before true autumn reigns either where I live or in most parts of China but we did have s cooling front pass through last week and until today we have had less heat and humidity. This is merely a temporary respite. August is know for days equally as hot as July. It will be at least three months before a walk in the woods will look like the photo.  Still, it was nice to have a few evenings when the cats felt comfortable  enough to cool up for a cuddle and spend the night, especially Mi Sun, who has a triple coat.

We are all well and truly tired of the seasons being an endurance test. Our eyes are turned to places where the extremes are less and where the heat and humidity don’t spoil what should be an active, productive season with plenty of time outdoors. Deny if you will, global warming is real whatever the cause and contributing factors and is still getting worse. Changing solar terms are not the change we need. If it is cooler I can take out cuddly cat beds and put on a sweater but i can’t strip off and run my errands naked if it goes in the opposite direction and keeping the cats cool would require hundreds of dollars worth of energy intensive air conditioning.

Friends in western Washington state are encouraging us to come out. We are exploring the possibility very seriously. Washington is a very diverse state and while it has a well deserved reputation for a lot of rain there are spots less rainy and the weather out on the Idaho border is much different than Spokane or Seattle. There are lots of variables. I lived with rain in northern California. It takes a lot of rain to grow redwood trees. Cool cloudy and rainy days didn’t bother me that much; it was never achingly cold as the rain can be here. Since my health has improved I would love to ski again and certainly Washington has great skiing. I miss sailing too and Washington certainly has plenty of opportunity for that. There are a lot of inducements and a lot to think about. but the bottom line is I prefer my humidity at 100% and falling on the garden  than 90% and thickening the air.




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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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