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Time Flies and So Must I

Time flies. Or perhaps we fly through time. Or perhaps it is all an illusion. There are two major philosophical views of time. One is that time is part of the fundamental structure of the universe. In this view, which … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts -End of Heat chù shǔ 处暑 Aug 23

On the 23rd the Chinese calendar entered the s0lar term period End of Heat. Depending on location things may or may not cool off at this point. How much they will cool at all is becoming a question in some … Continue reading

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An Eclipse, a Sick Cat, and an Internship

The eclipse was a big deal all over, it seems, and for this I am happy. Maybe some children will get interested in science. Maybe some people will decide to look at more in the natural world and learn to … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Feline Feng Shui Part 1

As I clean up and pack up I am discovering some things. One of them is that I really dislike American house designs. My current dwelling is far from a McMansion, which I despise. The room in square footage is … Continue reading

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Juggling the Demands of Life

I have always admired jugglers because I have never had the hand eye co-ordination for juggling. One ball or plate is my limit. Still, even a skilled juggler has a limit to how many items can be successfully handled. One ball, … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Simba’s New Diet

About six months ago the vet did a blood panel on Simba. She had an elevated BUN level. BUN is an acronym for blood urea nitrogen. A BUN test as its name implies, measures amount of urea nitrogen in the blood. … Continue reading

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I Ching

I used to work with the I Ching before I fell into the black hole of corporate overtime. I decided with all the potential changes in the wind, the Book of Changes was the perfect tool to assess and plan. … Continue reading

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