Greater Heat dà shǔ 大暑 Jul 22rd .

White hot sun over black treetopsOn July  22nd we entered the period of Greater or Major Heat, In China it is the time of year when the amount of sunshine is highest, average temperature is the highest, rainfall is the greatest, and the thunderstorms are the most frequent. at least in the north. This pretty well describes  the case where I live as well, except possibily the thunderstorms. They seem to pass to the north or the south, avoiding the town as though it is undeserving of cooling relief. This is the time of year when I adapt the custom of Meditteranean cultures and avoid going out during the middle of the day as much as possible and eating after sunset. Trying to cook when the sun is up creates heat far more like a commercial kitchen, I am dripping with sweat just cutting up the vegetables, racing to get everything done so I can escape the heat. The only thing missing is Gordon Ramsey cursing at me.

People are aghast when I tell them I’ve no air conditioning but how many people live in much hotter and more humid climates without that benefit. And the world is just growing hotter. The cats sleep all day long. I can gage the temperature and humidity by both where they choose to nap and in what position. As the temperature rises they move from the futon or the various cat beds to the floor or a carrier with no bedding. In extreme heat they uncurl and stretch out like maturing fern fiddleheads and at the top of the thermometer they are on their back paws in the air.Red setting sun over dark ocean

This is ruining summer, which I used to enjoy. It’s not just me. I rarely see the kids who live behind me outside. My neighbors who have a nice deck are only out there early in the morning or after sunset even though they have a big umbrella to sit under. An umbrella is no protection from the humidity and not really all that much protection from the sun.

I am looking long and hard at the parts of the country with fewer sunny days and more cloud cover. I attended university in Santa Cruz California. We had a rainy season but a nice summer, lots of fog from the Pacific Ocean. The only people who can afford it now are dotcom millionares but there are other cooler places. Even  here the time of greater heat will pass and we’ll have a period of comfort before we start to suffer in the oher direction, from the cold. Still, the same places that have cooler summers have warmer winters. That would be ideal for the cats and suit me too.


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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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4 Responses to Greater Heat dà shǔ 大暑 Jul 22rd .

  1. Same here. The humidity some days is back breaking, but i don’t have the choice not to work mid-day, i have cleaning to do, but we have to have air-con or we wouldn’t have a single guest stay here. Good luck soldiering through.


    • angela1313 says:

      Daniel, I was north of where you are when I was in Korea so perhaps Cheju is worse, but I remember suffering winter cold more than summer humidity. We only had ceiling fans but they worked very well. Of course I was a lot younger and there’s been over 40 years of global warming, maybe that’s the difference. I am seriously looking at Washington State.

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      • Lavinia Ross says:

        You and the cats would like the Pacific Northwest. I am in western Oregon, and appreciate the summers that may be hot, but dry. Mornings can be down in the 40s, sometimes high 30s, but swing into the 80s, 90s or above during the day. Being from the east coast, I love the low humidity in summer.

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      • Winter in the north is rough. I lived in Dongducheon for a year, so i know about winter, but i can cope with cold however, the heat makes me very tired & so it is hard to work. Bring on autumn we have a solid 4 months or so of Autumn here, it’s glorious.

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