Caturday Thoughts – Cats Dislike their Environment and Schedule Disrupted

Toilet and sink stand with papers rolls

It was not neat and tidy like this!

Cats dislike their environment and schedule disrupted and so do I. Cats do not do trivial and useless things. I struggle to avoid them. The constant war with the plumbing put me totally off my schedule last week. The plumber spent the better part of the day strugglng to clear the sewer line. Major repairs are needed which I know the landlord will not do. I myself recoil at the though of dealing with the city functionaries and local contractors. I don’t know why people must be so clueless; it must have been the result of all the methyl mercury they let pollute the water around here. Slow on the uptake is the kindest thing I can say.

Fortunately I found a new yard man, a friend of one of my old lawn men, who I found out finally found full time work. So I can once again relegate that to someone else. Since it has begun to get truly warm there has been less rain and things are growing a tiny bit less frantically, but still the need to attend to it will not end until a hard frost this fall.

This is good primarily because taking care of the inside of the house requires far more work than it should. Triple filtering all the water takes time. Washing dishes in small batches because there is no counter available for a drying rack takes time, as does the hand drying. Having to rearrange all the small appliances every time I want to prepare food in different ways is also inconvenient.

Traditional hearth in Japanese houseEven as I pack more and more things ito the storage unit and have less in the house, I still find things getting misplaced. I still find there is not a good way to organize the things that are there to create space and keep things neat. I am beginning to wish I was living in a traditional Japanese house. It is not just the things that I have however, but the design of the house. It has very poor flow of design and qi. Most western houses do. I’m convinced it’s one reason I get low on energy. I was worried for a long time it was the cause of the cat’s illnesses but since everyne has been all right since Tony died, I think poor Tony and Mosby just lived in a toxic environment before I rescued them.

Meanwhile I am getting back on my schedule of writing and work. Sooner rather than later the house will be emptied to the bare functional minimum. Sooner rather than later I will no longer need to be constantly moving things out of the path of the cleaner, plumbers or handyman. The plumber figured the sewer pipe will take another year to back up again if it is not replaced but I will not wait for that. The cats and I do not need the trouble and disruption. We need a clean, organized and quiet home with routine and consistency and I will fnd a way to create it one way or another.

Room with floor to ceiling windows


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