Caturday Thoughts – Fourth of July Ba Humbug!

Large white fireworks burst in front of small gold burstFourth of July is upon us. The first fireworks went off on the night of the 25th, scaring my little foster cat Charli. Thankfully, I was near her hangout in the kitchen and was able to get right to her and calm her. I wouldn’t mind some sparklers or some with bright colors but there are too many tall trees and those with color are not what’s sold to back yard enthusiasts. All I get is a good simulation of the mortar practice I used to hear when I lived adjacent to Ft Ord in California.

Noise pollution aside I don’t really feel like making a big deal about this particular day. Independence from Britain does not seem like such a big deal any more. Still part of the Commonwealth, Austrailia and Canada seem to be doing just fine, thank you.While we don’t have to spend money supporting a royal family, we’ve probably wasted a lot more on various aspects of our own government. On a trip to Fort Mc Henry with a friend back in the early nineties conversation naturally turmed to the war of 1812 and eventually got around to the burning of Washington D.C. by the British. The friend (who will remain anonymous) snorted, “Some days I fervently wish they’d do it again!” We are still better off than many places in the world but I understand the frustration with not just elected government but the bloated, wasteful and often quite sensless bureacracy.

So much for liberty; there is not much freedom either. Unless you are a member of the Amish community, you are not free to avoid credit, even if you don’t need it. Driving without accidents and violations for decades, suddenly my insurance carrier of twenty years decided five years ago my credit report was needed to renew my insurance. Since I always checked my credit report even when I didn’t use credit I knew when they first made an enquiry. Those who would like to live on a cash basis find that no credit is almost worse than bad credit in renting an apartment, getting car insurance and many other critical things.

As fewer and fewer people can have their own homes, they loose the freedom to have the pets they want, park their business vehicle where they live, or even choose the color of their walls.  Even in neighborhoods where people own their houses HOA’s have rules and regulations about inane things like the color of flowers you can plant and making sure your outdoor light is of one certain type. In some placesi f you don’t conform they can foreclose on your house. Aren’t the banks doing enough of that?

Gold fireworks burstSo we are just going to ignore the whole thing. Hopefully we’ll have a bunch of thunderstorms that sound much nicer and will drown out the fireworks that scare the cats. At least this particular day doesn’t unleash a deluge of advertising, sales, and reckless spending, so I won’t be battling crowds and traffic if I want to run an errand. Maybe someday I’ll again live in a place I could enjoy some well done professional fireworks but in the meantime it’s not that big a deal.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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