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International Tiger Day

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Tiger drinking water.

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Global Tiger Day is this Saturday, July 29

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Amur Tiger by S.Brickman. CC BY-SA 2.0 This Saturday, July 29, is Global Tiger Day. Tigers (Panthera tigris) are not doing well. There are only about 3,900 of them left in the wild, and they…

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Greater Heat dà shǔ 大暑 Jul 22rd .

On July  22nd we entered the period of Greater or Major Heat, In China it is the time of year when the amount of sunshine is highest, average temperature is the highest, rainfall is the greatest, and the thunderstorms are … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Schroedinger’s Cat

Most people think the world they struggle with every day is a concrete reality. In truth behaving as though it is is the easier in the short term than thinking of things at a deeper level. It is the reason … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang and the Five Phases

Beyond the basic flow of yin and yang  we advance to the concepts of the Five Phases. I prefer the expression Five Phases to the more common apellation of Five Elements. To a western mind the word element connects to … Continue reading

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Caturday Thoughts – Cats Dislike their Environment and Schedule Disrupted

Cats dislike their environment and schedule disrupted and so do I. Cats do not do trivial and useless things. I struggle to avoid them. The constant war with the plumbing put me totally off my schedule last week. The plumber … Continue reading

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Minor Heat xiǎo shǔ 小暑 Jul 7th

We have been fortunate that this year we have so far avoided the excessive heat of the last couple of years. The coolness continued until the farmers bagan to comment. On  July 7th we entered the solar term of Minor … Continue reading

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