Caturday Thoughts – This Saturday Meet Mi Sun

The thesis is coming along but the rain means I am spending a lot of time keeping the yard from looking like a tropical jungle. So once again I am letting one of the cats guest post. I have been reminded that Mi Sun got only passing mention in Simba’s post. Since she considers herself “top cat” she thinks she should have been the first to be introduced. She is in many ways exactly that. She is the one who reminds me when I am late in serving meals. She is my morning alarm, on those few occasions when I am tempted to oversleep.  I sometimes refer to her as the empress dowager. Here is Mi Sun’s contribution.

Mi Sun torbie cat face

Hello, my name is Mi Sun.  I am originally from Los Angeles. I came to Virginia with my sister Simba and Master Kim. Master Kim rescued us when we were young and took us with him wherever he moved. One day there was a knock on the door. Simba came running by and we knew there was a stranger there. We hid under the bed. We heard Master Kim talking to someone for a while and then the bedspread was lifted and a face looked at us under the bed. A while later she came back and moved into the empty bedroom. At first I wasn’t so sure about this arrangement but then I realized that she really loved cats. She won me over with lots of petting and cuddling.

Master Kim called me Tae Sun because I am a big girl, but umma catta (that’s mother of cats in Arabic) changed my name to Mi Sun. I always seem to need to loose weight and she says changing big to beautiful will help me keep my weight down. My name for the mother is what a man at her bank nicknamed her. He said she made him think of his mother back in Tunisia who fed and took care of all the community cats. I like the sound of that nickname. She has lots of nicknames for me, too. She calls me Grumpy Girl. I don’t like my routine disrupted and I don’t like the other cats in my space too much. I let Dolly and Simba sleep with me and sit with me but that’s my limit. Otherwise I complain.

She also calls me Plushy Girl. I have a really thick triple coat and she loves my soft fur. I love when she brushes me. I could let her brush me for hours. Sometimes she stops too soon and I try to get her to keep going. Usually she gives in. Simba says I am bossy but it’s just that I know what I want. I pay her back with my loud purring. Most nights I sleep right next to her and purr. She needs to get a good night’s sleep so she can stay healthy and take care of us. She promised us and master Kim she would always take care of us and she does. We get good food and treats and brushing. We have nice fountains with running water. There are lots of toys too,  but I am not so interested in those.

My two favorite things are eating and sleeping and as I said, getting brushed. You won’t catch me chasing that red dot around like a maniac. Once in a while I will bat the feather and ribbons on a wand but I am mindful of my dignity. Some times umma catta makes this hard. I have a freckle on my nose leather. Sometimes she calls me freckle nose and I don’t thing that’s very dignified. She also keeps telling me “No!” when I ask for more food. Sometimes I have to meow for a long time before she gives in. Sometimes no matter how much I meow she won’t give me more. She says the vet says I need to loose weight and she agrees. Once I hurt myself getting off the chair and I had X-rays. That was no fun. I had some medicine in my food and I felt better. But now she tells me I have to be careful because I have arthritis. She bought some stools so I could get on and off the chair and futon more easily. We don’t want me to hurt myself again.

I am getting older now and mom takes me to the vet more often. I do not like the carrier or the car.That sister of mine, Simba, has gotten caught napping in the carrier more than once and whisked off to the vet. You won’t catch me napping in that carrier. Unfortunately, I can’t run like I could when I was a younger cat, it must be that arthritis stuff mom talks about me having. So she catches me and puts me in it anyway. I try to hang on with my claws but she overpowers me.

Mom says my personality comes from being a torbie. That means my fur is a combination of tortoiseshell with tabby patterns. Tortoiseshell cats are famous for having “tortitude”, a more assertive personality. She read to me about a study at the University of California at Davis that documented this.

As Simba said, I know not everyone who reads this blog is cat crazy like mom and I hope you don’t mind us helping her while she is so busy. If she had her way all the grass would be gone and all those bushes that grow so fast too. She would have only flowers, and vegetables and herbs. I don’t care about flowers and I don’t much like vegetables but herbs means catnip and valerian, so that would suit me. Soon her thesis will be done ad I’ll be glad there will be more time for brushing.


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