Caturday Thoughts – Longing for a Real Living Space

lawn mower redThe weather has been conducive to growth and with everything going on the lawn was out of hand. My neighbor Nelly offered the use of her power mower and in desperation I accepted the offer. The grass was just getting too tall for efficient cutting by the push mower. The experience was just a reminder of why I hate the bloody things. Aside from the noise level I wound up coughing and hacking like I was in a 60s bar on Saturday night. If the fumes are that bad out in the open what is the accumulated output of millions of the darn things doing to the air. Not to mention the stupid leaf blowers, a real favorite of mine to hate. Get a rake for heaven’s sake and shed some of that excess weight everyone seems to be carrying.

Sage plantsWhat I would really prefer to all that useless grass would be a nice deck and catio. so the cats and I could go outdoors in comfort.  I would really prefer a nice herb and vegetable garden on raised beds and borders of flowers around the perimeter. Grass is for pathways only. I would love those borders to be backed by a nice tall fence to hang baskets of even more flowers and have some privacy from the foot traffic in the access alley behind the house.

Raised bed of lettucesWhat I would prefer, however, is not what I have. I have enough windows in the house to give the cats a seat on the outdoors. What I have is the farmer’s market  and I make the most of it. Today I’ll go back for more eggs and see what is new. I hope Frank has more of that leaf lettuce, the salads I made with the last bunch were really delicious. I have found for years that the standard salad lettuce, iceberg, is grown for conformity and lacks any flavor. Even though it hadn’t gotten hot enough to really crave a salad I could eat that lettuce with pleasure. We all need to eat more greens.

I’m not sure where this weather is coming from. Lots of rain, wind and cooler temperatures are delaying summer. I am still using my winter blankets and wondering when I will be getting out the summer ones. My beautiful camellias bloomed large and then were battered down by the rain into pink confetti. So I sympathize with the farmer’s not having much to sell. It’s Memorial Day weekend and it feels more like Labor Day. At least it won’t get to hot in the thrift store. We are still not quite ready to open but getting closer.

Monday will be a holiday so the only businesses open will be stores. I would like to do something special but all the festivities are on Saturday or Sunday. I have a project meeting on Sunday. Maybe Monday I will just take a road trip. I have a pass for the Shenandoah National Park and never seem to get up there. I think I will make it a point to go.

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I am a cat lover, a writer, and an overextended blogger trying to foster for a cat rescue, finish a Master's degree and rehab a fixer upper house i bought.
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1 Response to Caturday Thoughts – Longing for a Real Living Space

  1. Kieran McCarty says:

    I hate gas power mowers and leaf blowers too. All my neighbors have them, several are *riding* mowers. If you have a huge lawn I can see that but all the houses near me are small and their lawns are not huge. Everyone has big trucks and I can feel the decline in air quality on hot days of barbecues and driving everywhere instead of walking. I’m like, “we’re not in LA! It’s a pedestrian-friendly flat town! The distances are not great! Why not walk or ride bikes???” Washington is beautiful and the air is still pretty clean but it won’t stay that way if people adopt all those urban-suburban California habits.
    have an electric weedwhacker and am planning on getting an electric mower, but I will be letting a neighborhood volunteer group use their big power mower -once- to tame my small lawns that grew nearly three feet tall over a rainy winter and spring. It has a scoop to catch the cut grass, which otherwise needs raking. Hydropower is cheap here, it rains a lot, there is no excuse for not using electricity instead of gas. BTW, the electric weedwhacker still made a little noise, from the whip hitting the overgrown grass, enough to scare doggy away.


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