Caturday Thoughts – This Saturday Meet Simba

I am very busy these days working on my thesis. So I am cheating a little and letting the cats guest post on Caturday Thoughts. I know I mention them a lot in a general way so I thought I would let them introduce themselves. When I was very young I desperately wanted a cat. We got a kitten and I was thrilled. Then my father reacted with extreme allergies and the kitten was re-homed.  Later i life a had a roommate or two with a cat but not util I moved in with YJ did I find true cat happiness. As i walked to the apartment to first see it and meet YJ an orange tabby appeared in the sliding patio doors. As I approached the cat watched me but disappeared as I reached the doors. That was Simba, my re-introduction to cat happiness. Today Simba will take over the blog.


Hello, my name is Simba. My human mother has lots of nicknames for me, though. She calls me Little Orange a lot. I am originally from Los Angeles but I have traveled across the country with my sister. We girls were originally rescued from a shelter by Master Kim, a Tae Kwon Do instructor. When Master Kim moved east to a new job he brought us with him to Connecticut and then to Virginia. One day I was sitting looking out the patio doors of our home and I saw a strange lady coming toward the patio. There was a knock on the door and I ran into the bedroom and hid under the bed.  We didn’t know Master Kim had advertised for a roommate. She saw me before I ran and hid and she says she knew she would take the room as soon as she saw me.

Pretty soon she was settled in and we discovered this lady loved cats. We got extra brushing and playtime and cuddles. She talked to us in Korean, just like Master Kim! Master Kim called my sister Tae Sun because she is a big girl but our new mom started calling her Mi Sun because she wanted her to lose weight. Mi means beautiful in Korean. One day the doctor told Master Kim his asthma was getting worse because he was allergic to us. Our mom promised  him she would keep us and take care of us forever and she has. We live in different places now but mom  and Master Kim stay in touch and she tells him how we are. Mi Sun torbie cat faceMom says since I talk about Mi Sun we should put in a picture for you to see. So here she is but this time I am first so that’s it. She always gets to the food first. She’s kind of bossy.

My sister and I have very loud purrs. I lay against mom in the bed and purr my loud purrs at all her bad joints and she feels better. Did you know the frequency of cat purring is healing? She calls me her therapy cat.  I don’t read Scientific American like mom but I know purring does good things. My cat mother purred at me when I was a kitten. I think purring is love and I know love always helps you feel better whether you are a cat or a human or even a dog.  Mom purrs back at me to let me know she feels better but her purr is kind of weak. That’s OK, if humans could do their own purring we cats would probably get a lot less attention.

I am getting older now, it seems like we have been together forever, so mom takes me to the vet four times a year, It used to be twice a year but now we are carefully monitoring my kidneys. Two years the vet said I needed dental work. Before that could happen I needed to lose some weight. Mom is pretty stingy with food and treats, she measures our food and counts out our treats but Mi Sun and I have always tended to overweight.  Mi Sun always pesters mom for more food but I don’t and I lost my weight just the way the vet wanted, not too fast, and had my work done. I had to have three teeth taken out but it was not bad, the vet did a good job and after a day or so I felt much better. He even put one of those microchip things in while I was asleep. Mom asked me if I remembered getting hurt because the vet said all the teeth that he took out were next to each other and they came out easily and it looked like I had been injured at some point.  I just know I was bunting mom and snuggling a lot to let her know I wasn’t mad about the vet and I felt better. The technician even saved my fang in a tiny jar for mom. I don’t miss it, I still can eat dry food just fine and even chew on dried squid, one of my favorite snacks mom gets me when  she goes to the Korean grocery for her kimchi. I never would let mom brush my teeth, I was too set in my ways when she tried to start.  I suggest getting it started when cats are still kittens then they will get used to it and maybe avoid surgery later. A happy mouth makes a happy cat, I say.

Simba's Safe Place

One thing mom had no trouble with was getting me used to the carrier. I like to sleep in the carrier, it’s cozy and secure. Mom leaves carriers in different corners of the house in case we want a private place to snooze. Mom says it’s like a Japanese micro hotel. I don’t know about that, but mom does try to show me a lot of stuff on her laptop about cats in Japan. At least that’s what she says but I can’t read English or Korean, much less Japanese. Just in case I might not want to go in the carrier when she needs me to,  mom grew an enormous catnip bush outside the back door and she puts some in the carrier. I usually give in when that happens.

I know not everyone who reads this blog is cat crazy like mom and I hope you don’t mind us helping her while she is so busy. Her master’s thesis is about putting more caring back into medical care for humans and I think she secretly wants to make it a book. She tells us all the time cats and dogs have a better medical system than people. I really don’t like going to the vet but the people are kind and gentle and mom says my insurance is a much better deal than people insurance. I don’t know about insurance but if human medical care is not kind and gentle I am glad I am a cat.


About angela1313

I am a cat lover, a writer, and an artist who is finally making time to work on my art.
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2 Responses to Caturday Thoughts – This Saturday Meet Simba

  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    All the best on your master’s thesis, and I do hope you make it into a book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • angela1313 says:

      Thank you Lavinia. With all the work that goes into it, why produce more dry academic trivia? I’d rather create something people can read and use.

      Liked by 1 person

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